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Special Issue on

Advances Techniques in Information Technology and Engineering Sciences (ATITES), 10 June 2021

Pages 1 - 94

The Editor-in-Chief of this issue

·   Asst. Prof. Dr. Ahmed J. Obaid

    Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics, SICC, University of Kufa, Iraq.


Guest Editors

·   Asst. Prof. Dr. Bharat Bhushan

    School of Engineering and Technology, Sharda University, India.

·   Asst. Prof. Dr. Jyoti Sekhar Banerjee

Bengal Institute of Technology, (A Unit of Techno India Group) Kolkata, India.

·  Asst. Prof. Dr. Mangesh M. Ghonge

Department of Computer Engineering, Sandip Institute of Technology and Research Center, Nashik, India.


Transcribing the fuzzy logic technique for buck-boost DC-DC converter

   M. D. Al-Mawlawe, M. A. Ahmed, M. K. Husein

    1 - 9

Exploiting scientific collaboration network for enhanced academic event recommendation

   G. Bilal, A. Al-Hasnawi, G. Al-Sultany

    10 - 17

Role of pedestrian streets in improving urban environment and livability in the city: Al-Tabou Street -Baqubah City -Diyala- Iraq

    N. T. Ismael, S. M. Yas, N. Salih

    18 - 26

Investigation of suitability of recycle trash tries rubber crumbs concrete properties for construction works

    J. M. Azeez, N. A. Jasim, M. S. Shamkhi

    27 - 34

Finding optimal and reliable path in mobile sink wireless sensor network by applying genatic optmization celluler neural network (GO-CNN)

   T. K. Jebuer

    35 - 42

Investigating social justice in using urban services in different urban areas (Case study: Baghdad, Iraq)

  A. F. Al-Mudhaffer, S. K. Saleh, G. I. Kadhum

    43 - 51

Improving radio systems efficiency via employing scro-soa (Squared cosine roll off filter-semiconductor optical amplifier technology) in DWDM-ROF System

   B. J. Hamza, W. K. Saad, M. A. Abdulnabi, W. A. Jabbar, I. Shayea

     52 - 61

A heuristic analysis to minimize average task unit completion time and average waiting time in cloud computing environment

    S. Pal, M. H. Kadhim, F. Mardukhi, B. Sarkar, M. Ray

     62 - 71

Noninvasive acousto-optic glucose sensing system for diabetic Covid-19 patients

   L. N. Bachache, A. Q. Al-Neami, J. A. Hasan

     72 - 81

AI-based dynamic lightweight stream cipher algorithm for internet of things

    S. M. Shaker, T. S. Atia, M. H. Ali

     82 - 94







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