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Special Issue on Applied Engineering and Sciences (SAES2013), October 2014

Page 1 – 150


Guest Editors:


a)  Department of Electrical and Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia.

1. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norhisam Misron
2. Dr. Siti Anom Ahmad
3. Dr. Nashiren Farzilah Mailah


b) School of Engineering, Taylor’s University, Malaysia.

4. Dr. Aravind CV



Configurations comparison of multidirectional matrix converter for low power application

    S. Toosi, M. Norhisam, T. Hanamoto, I. B. Aris, M. A. M. Radzi, H. Yamada

     1 - 10


Speed control of permanent magnet synchronous motor using FPGA for high frequency SiC MOSFET inverter

    C. R. Harahap, R. Saito, H. Yamada, T. Hanamoto

    11 - 20


Dynamic voltage restorer for efficient detection and compensation of voltage SAG using ANN based LMS as

a new control strategy

    U. Waqas, M. A. M. Radzi, N. Mariun

    21 - 29


Study of matrix converter based unified power flow controller applied PI-D controller

    K. Motoyama, T. Hanamoto, H. Yamada, F. M. Nashiren, M. Norhisham

    30 - 38


Mitigation of power system small signal oscillation using posicast controller and evolutionary programming

    S. Mirfendereski, N. I. Abdul Wahab, J. Jasni, M. L. Othman

    39 - 50


A combined theoretical and experimental approaches towards designing NIR dyes for dye-sensitized solar cells

     Y. Yamaguchi, S. S. Pandey, N. Fujikawa, Y. Ogomi, S. Hayase

     51 - 65


Labview based flow ratemonitoring and measurement algorithm for rotary encoder

   R. Garmabdari, S. Shafie, A. Garmabdari, H. Jaafar, A. K. Aram

     66 - 75

A research of basic energy reduction approach using LED and PV power smoothing EV storage system for

create green innovation

    K. Fuji, Y. Shirai, Y. Mitani, M. Watanabe, T. Kawagoe, A. Shiota

    76 - 89


Determination of triggering angle through a novel graphical method analysis

    N. F. Mailah, Sh. S. T. Othman, I. Aris, N. Misron, T. Hanamoto, H. Yamada

    90 - 97


Low cost and wearable multichannel surface electromyography data acquisition system architecture

    F. N. Jamaluddin, S. A. Ahmad, S. B. M. Noor, W. Z. W. Hasan

    98 - 106


Mechanical analysis of wearable lower limb exoskeleton for rehabilitation

    Z. Y. Wong, A. J. Ishak, S. A. Ahmad, Y. Z. Chong

    107 - 114


Effect of applied voltage on a new designed lab on a chip electrowetting actuation system

     N. A. Md Yunus, S. A. Firouzeh, N. Sulaiman, Z. Zainal Abidin

     115 - 124


Characterization of carbon particles (CPs) derived from dry milled Kenaf biochar

   J. M. Yusof, M. A. M Salleh, S. A. Rashid, I. Ismail, S. N.  Adam

     125 - 131

Intelligent guidance parking system using modified Dijkstra’s algorithm

    H. Jaafar, M. H. Zabidi, A. C. Soh, T. P. Hoong, S. Shafie, S. A. Ahmad

    132 - 141


Behaviour of precast walls connection subjected to shear load

    N. Rossley, F. N. A. Abdul Aziz, H. C. Chew

    142 - 150

























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