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Special Issue on

Modern Techniques and Applications in Engineering and Applied Sciences (MTAEAS), 10 Feb. 2022

Pages 1 – 94

The Editor-in-Chief of this issue

·   Asst. Prof. Dr. Ahmed J. Obaid

    Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics, SICC, University of Kufa, Iraq.


Guest Editors

·   Asst. Prof. Dr.  Parul Agarwal

     Department of CSE, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi-62, India.

·   Prof. Dr. Ratnesh Tiwari

Department of Physics, Dr CV Raman University kargi kota Bilaspur CG India.

The effect of nano-SiO2 addition on the properties of pozzolime concrete

     A. S. J. Al-Zuheriy, T. S. AL-Attar, S. M. Hamza

     1 – 11


Impact of Covid-19 on aerosol optical depth and particulate matter over Iraq

     S. A. Hashim, W. G. Nassif, B. I. Wahab, Z. M. Abbood, O. T. AL-Taai, Z. S. Mahdi

     12 – 20


Effect of local scour interference between circular bridge pier and different shapes of abutment

     N. A. A. Muhsen, S. I. Khassaf

     21 – 33


Investigation and adsorption of heavy metal ions by preparing a new activated carbon adsorbent produced from leaves  

     R. N. Mohammed, H. H. J. Almutter, S. Abu-Alhail

     34 – 42


A graph-based approach for synthesis of kinematic structure of multi-planet gear trains

     R. A. Hussein, S. S. Hassan, E. L. Esmail

     43 – 51


Mechanical performances of warm asphalt mixtures containing waste fillers powders

     H. H. Mohammed, M. A. Yousif, H. H. Zghair

     52 – 58


The effects of cycloepentanes on electronic and spectra properties of nanotubes molecules

     R. K. Mohammad, S. S. A. Al-Abbas

     59 – 66


The traffic characteristics and capacities of selected mid-block u-turn facilities: Case study in Najaf city

     K. H. H. Shubber 

     67 – 75


A customized IOMT- cloud based healthcare system for analyzing of brain signals via supervised mining algorithms

     R. D. Mahdi, M. A. Qasim, N. M. Allayla, R. A. Jaleel

     76 – 83


Effect of external solar receiver inclination on the thermal efficiency

     M. S. Mahdi, A. F. Khudheyer

     84 – 94







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