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Volume 9, Issue 4, August 2014

Page 410 – 521


Adsorption of chromium (VI) from aqueous solutions by different admixtures – A batch equilibrium test study

    K. Shiva Prashabth Kumar, E. C. Nirmala Peter

     410 - 422


Design of backward swept turbine wheel for cryogenic turboexpander

    Balaji K. Choudhury, Ranjit K. Sahoo, Sunil K. Sarangi

     423 - 431


Development of a new algorithm for key and S-box generation in blowfish algorithm

   Tayseer S. Atia

     432 – 442


Modelling and optimisation of dilute acid hydrolysis of corn stover using box-Behnken design

N. A. Amenaghawon, H. Ighodalo, E. Agbonghae, S. E. Ogbeide, C. O. Okieimen

     443 - 454


Effect of aging on mechanical and wear properties of beryl particulate reinforced metal matrix composites

    H. N. Reddappa, K. R. Suresh, H. B. Niranjan, K. G. Satyanarayana

    455 – 462


Hydraulic behaviour of higleig-portsudan pipeline at operation and shutdown conditions

    Mysara E. Mohyaldinn

     463 – 476


A 3D finite element analysis of incompressible fluid flow and contaminant transport through a porous landfill

    Adegun, I. K., Komolafe, O. D., Ahmed K. Hussein, Oyekale, J. O.

    477 - 489


IBS Survey 2010: Drivers, barriers and critical success factors in adopting industrialised building system (IBS) construction by G7 contractors in Malaysia

   K. A. M. Kamar, M. N. A. Azman, M. N. M. Nawi

    490 - 501


Optimisation of electrical discharge machining parameters of aluminium hybrid composite using Taguchi method

     N. Radhika, A. R. Sudhamshu, G. Kishore Chandran

     502 - 512


Absorbance and conductivity of  aniline hydrochloride/polyvinyl alcohol films (AN/PVA) for high level gamma radiation dosimetry from 2 kGy up to 10 kGy

     Ahmad Omar, Ahmad Baraka, Ahmed H. Zaki, Karam A. Sharshar

     513 - 521


























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