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Volume 17, Issue 3, June 2022

Pages 1608 – 2253


A review on the behaviour, properties and favourable characteristics for thermally insulated concrete for tropical climate

     L. T. Tay, Y. Y. Lee, Y. H. Lee, A. B. H. Kueh

     1608 – 1643


Optimal interval type-2 fuzzy logic controller for pneumatic servo actuator system

     A. F. Hasan, A. J. Abdulridha

     1644 – 1660


Variable amplitude width modulated driving approach suitable for use in high-color-precision of LEDs

     S. S. Durrani, A. Z. Ahmad, B. Hasan

     1661 – 1677


Autophagy computing model: A natural inspired process as a new technique for applying self-star PROPERTIES

     A. Alkandari, M. Alahmad, N. Alawadhi

     1678 – 1696


Corn sheller machine technology to improve farmers' productivity

     S. Luckyardi, R. U. Mega, R. Kevin, A. N. Naufal, A. P. Hanifah

     1697 – 1707


Effects of hydrophobic coating, dispensing time, and applied pressure on UV polymer droplet formation by air pressure injection method

     F. J. Rashid, R. Daik, A. A. Ehsan

     1708 – 1720


Enhancement the heavy file application of 802.16e cell using intra-site comp in uplink stream

     S. A. Ayoob, F. S. Alsharbaty, A. K. Alhafid

     1721 – 1733


Study and investigate the cuckoo optimization to improve the particle filter as a basic transition model on scale variation and occlusion object tracking

     N. Rahmi, G. Jati, W. Jatmiko

     1734 – 1747


Quantitative risk assessment for IT assets: Cost-effective enterprise framework for adopting security systems

     M. Alahmad, N. Alawadhi

     1748 – 1754


The effect of the addition of coconut fibers and coconut shells on the mechanical characteristics of porous concrete

     A. B. D. Nandiyanto, A. P. Hotimah, M. N. Daffa, R. Maulida, R. Ragadhita, S. F. Nadhira, S. Anggraeni

     1755 – 1763


Strengthening of the self-compacted reinforced concrete corbels using NSM steel bars and CFRP sheets techniques

     Q. M. Shakir, S. D. Abdlsaheb

     1764 – 1780


Physicochemical properties of hydrochars produced from Khaya senegalensis leaves using hydrothermal carbonisation

     N. A. Hamid, T. Subramaniam

     1781 – 1791


Solutions to overcome inequality in laboratory facilities and laboratory sharing in similar institutions remote laboratory based

     J. Kustija, Purnawan

     1792 – 1809


Effect of sawdust, eggshells, rice, husks, and corn husks as fine aggregates on the mechanical properties of concrete

     S. Anggraeni, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, A. M. Nurjamil, N. A. Wolio, R. N. Laila, S. A. Rohmah, D. F. Al Husaeni, N. N. Azizah

     1810 – 1819


The effect of morphology on antibacterial properties of CuO-doped TiO2–SiO2 Nanocomposites

    I. H. Dwirekso, M. Ibadurrohman, T. Elysabeth, Slamet

     1820 – 1832


Uplink resource allocation for device-to-device communication in LTE-A network

     V. N. Mohammed, V. Banka, S. Jaiswal, M. Lakshmanan K. Senthilkumar, M. Palanivelan

     1833 – 1844


Comparative study of convolutional neural network and long short-term memory network for solar irradiance forecasting

     S. Behera, S. S. Bhoi, A. Mishra, S. S. Nayak, S. K. Panda, S. S. Patnaik

     1845 – 1856


Effect of biomass comparison of rice straw and egg shell in a porous concrete mixture

     S. Anggraeni,  A. B. D. Nandiyanto, S. N. Hofifah, J. E. Sitanggang, N. Z. Latifah, O. Sopian, Z. Saputra

     1857 – 1866


Numerical analysis on performance evaluation of a flat plate louvered fin heat exchanger

     B. G. Suhas, R. Ravi, M. Chidanand, K. U. Kirankumar, K. V. Shivaprasad

     1867 – 1879


A framework integrated with time series and text mining models to compare agenda-setting patterns of news and social media

     N. J. Y. Wong, H. N. Chua

     1880 – 1896


Failure analysis and microstructural evaluation of different heat resistant nickel base superalloys after overheating exposure

     E. R. I. Mahmoud

     1897 – 1908


Multidimensional optimization for joint map channel and PLL phase noise estimation in OFDM

     K. Shrivastav, R. Thakur, M. S. Ansari, A. Pimpalapure, S. K. Vishwakarma

     1909 – 1920


Undercutting mining method, why not? A geotechnical consideration for coal optimization


     1921 – 1933


Investigation of adsorption performance of calcium carbonate microparticles prepared from eggshells waste

      A. B. D. Nandiyanto , N. N. Azizah, R. S. R. Taufik

     1934 – 1943


Design and development of rotary type single- phase to three-phase converter for electrical engineering laboratory

     A. L. Tangcuangco, M. S. Henson, R. M. Favorito

     1944 – 1957


Impact resistance of polyurethane films reinforced with multiwall carbon nanotubes

     S. R. Ahmed

     1958 – 1971


Experimental study of oblong bridge pier to estimate the afflux

     A. H. J. Al Rammahi, H. F. Addab

     1972 – 1984


Butterflies image recognition and classification based on meta-heuristic algorithms

     B. I. Khaleel

     1985 – 1999


Copy-move forgery detection - A hybrid approach

     J. J. Patel, N. S. Bhatt

     2000 – 2019


Land use scenario modelling for floods mitigation in Bedadung watershed, East Java Indonesia

     A. N. I. Kartikasari, G. Halik, R. U. A. Wiyono

     2020 – 2034


Impact of pumping head on a solar pumping system with an optimal PV array configuration: Solar water heater application

     M. M. Mahdi, A. A. Jaddoa, A. Al Ezzi

     2035 – 2048


Experimental analysis of thermal performance of a solar air heater with a flat plate and metallic fiber

     M. A. Eleiwi, M. F. Mohammed, K. T. Kamil

     2049 – 2066


Friction stir processing effect on wear and corrosion properties of mild steel

     A. Y. Obaid, A. Alsammarraie, S. R. Ahmed

     2067 – 2079


A new integrated AC-DC converter fed sensorless controlling technique for a 3-phase BLDC motor

     R. Nalli, K. Subbarao, M. Ramamoorthy, M. Kirankumar

     2080 – 2094


Digital modulation classification based on chicken swarm optimization and random forest

      A. J. M. Ali, S. D. Mohammed, T. M. Hasan

     2095 – 2103


A deep-learning framework for accurate and robust detection of adult content

     K. Kusrini, A. Setyanto, I. M. A. Agastya, H. Hartatik, K. Chandramouli, E. Izquierdo

     2104 – 2119


Duration-normalized feature selection for Indian spoken language identification in utterance length mismatch

     A. Bakshi, S. K. Kopparapu

     2120 – 2134


Colour image privacy based on cascaded design of symmetric block cipher

     S. W. Jirjees, N. A. Yousif, A. T. Hashim

     2135 – 2156


Design and optimization of 0.18 µm CMOS transimpedance amplifier for 20 Gb/s optical communications using genetic algorithms

     E. A. Abdo, S. G. Muttlak, A. M. A. Sabaawi, M. MISSOUS

     2157 – 2175


The effect of chemical treatments on the properties of alpinia galanga/high-density polyethylene (HDPE)-eco degradant composites

     R. Mustapha, M. Awang, S. N. H. Mustapha

     2176 – 2191


Thermal performance of multiple-pass solar air heater with pin fins

     Basim A. R. Al-Bakri, Ali M. Rasham, Ali Omran Al-Sulttani

     2192 – 2217


Adsorption of Fe (II) ion into chitosan/activated carbon composite: Isotherm and kinetics studies

     P. Wulan, Y. Kusumastuti, A. Prasetya

     2218 – 2233


Geoelectrical monitoring for embankment settlement on soft ground stabilised with prefabricated vertical drain

     Y. Zaika, A. Rachmansyah, Harimurti

     2234 – 2242


A novel three transistor SRAM cell design and analysis

     B. N. Srinivasarao, K. C. Rao

     2243 – 2253     xxx – xxx









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