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Volume 17, Issue 2, April 2022

Pages 0820 - 1607


Effectiveness of micro- and nano-silica as modifiers in asphalt concrete mixture

     Z. I. Qasim, N. A. Al-Sahaf, H. A. Al-Jameel

     0820 – 0838


Investigation of the discharge coefficient for orifice and pipe behavior

     M. A. R. Eltoukhy, M. O. Alsaydalani

     0839 – 0853


Secured loan prediction system using artificial neural network

     M. O. Adebiy1, O. O. Adeoye, R. O. Ogundokun, J. O. Okesola, A. A. Adebiyi

     0854 – 0873


Survey of broken authentication and session management of web application vulnerability attack

     M. Alahmad, A. Alkandari, N. Alawadhi

     0874 – 0882


Bibliometric analysis of engineering research using VOSviewer indexed by google scholar

     A. B. D. Nandiyanto, D. F. Al Husaeni

     0883 – 0894


Design of a microstrip maximally flat 7th order lowpass filter using ADS simulation

     S. Salama, Y. Battah, A. Abuelhaija

     0895 – 0905


On-board diagnostic (OBD-II) based cyber physical system for road bottlenecks detection

     A. Zeb, K. S. Khattak, A. Agha, Z. H. Khan, M. A. J. Sethi, A. N. Khan

     0906 - 0922


Mathematical models for temperature distribution in oil wells

     W. B. Ajaj, A. A. B. Omran, A. M Elfaghi

     0923 – 0935


The effect of monsoon on the Bay of Bengal based on a hydrodynamic model

     Y. Haditiar, M. R. Putri, N. Ismail, Z. A. Muchlisin, M. Ikhwan, M. Ramli, S. Sugianto, R. Wafdan, M. A. Chaliluddin, S. Rizal

     0936 – 0955


High level dynamic profiling for context-aware recommender system

     N. Alawadhi, I. Alshaikhli, A. Alkandari

     0956 – 0963


Identification of misconceptions in learning the concept of the adsorption process

     A. B. D. Nandiyanto, S. N. Hofifah, R. Maryanti

     0964 – 0984


Computational analysis of ankle-foot orthosis for foot drop case during stance phase in gait cycle

     A. P. Putra, A. Rahmatillah, N. K. Rodhiyah, Pujiyanto, I. P. A. Pawana

     0985 – 0996


Capturing collusive interest flooding attacks signal: A novel Malaysia's state named-data networking topology (MY-NDN)

     R. T. Lee, Y. B. Leau, Y. J. Park, M. F.R. Anbar

     0997 – 1009


Optimal adaptation of internet video streaming

     H. K. Abdulazeez, N. N. Khamiss, S. M. Ahmed

     1010 – 1027


Pre-learning questions of energy sources on radec learning model: Validation and development

      Y. Nurhayati, W. Sopandi, F. Sumirat, F. A. Kusumastuti, R. R. Sukardi, U. S. Saud, A. Sujana

     1028 – 1035


Simple and fast damage identification on 6061 aluminium based on mode shape curvature

     M. A. Amiruddin, N. L. Jenat, M. H. C. Man, M. A. Irfan, N. A. Hambali, N. Fawazi, A. S. Nor Halim

     1036 – 1050


An exploration of USM expeditions kit (U-TREK): A concept of usable interactive application

     N. H. Li, Z. F. Zaaba

     1051 – 1067


Design and implementation of low cost medical auditory system of distortion otoacoustic using microcontroller

     A. H. Maray, O. I. Alsaif, K. H. Thanoon

     1068 – 1077


Curcumin adsorption on zinc imidazole framework-8 particles: Isotherm adsorption using Langmuir, Freundlich, Temkin, and Dubinin-Radushkevich models

     R. Ragadhita, A. B. D. Nandiyanto

     1078 – 1089


Architectural and urban sustainable developments approaches for cemeteries in the city: Baghdad historical cemeteries - Case study

     W. Sh. Al-Hinkawi, A. S. Al-Qaraghuli, M. H. Al-Musawi

     1090 – 1104


Efficiency of academic engineering programs in Colombia: An approach through data envelopment analysis

     E. Delahoz-Dominguez, A. Mendoza-Mendoza, D. Visbal-Cadavid

     1105 – 1118


Speaker gender identification in matched and mismatched conditions based on stacking ensemble method

     A. A. Badr, A. K. Abdul-Hassan

     1119 – 1134


Bibliometric computational mapping analysis of publications on mechanical engineering education using VOSviewer

     D. F. Al Husaeni, A. B. D. Nandiyanto

     1135 – 1149


Capacity analysis of wireless systems in urban and rural scenarios

     M. Premkumar, M. Arun, M. P. Chitra, N. Karthika

     1150 – 1161


High speed sigma delta a/d converter for digital communication systems

     R. S. Alsharefi, A. Z. Yonis, K. K. Mohammed

     1162 – 1172


The influence of nanoparticles on the dielectric dissipation factor and lightning properties in  palm oil-based nanofluids

     N. Pattanadech, P. Muangpratoom

     1173 – 1187


How has a pedagogical approach influenced the technical education curriculum? An analysis based on the literature review system

     I. Y. Wulandari, B. Mulyanti, I. Widiaty, M. S. Barliana, A. Ana, E. Nugraha, H. Puspita, N. Indroasyoko

     1188 – 1199


Supersonic steam ejectors: Comparison of dry and wet-steam CFD simulation models

      A. Al-Manea, K. Saleh

     1200 – 1212


Shear behaviour  simulation of self compacted reinforced concrete beams

     J. A. Abdullah, N. H. Jasim

     1213 – 1230


R-peak detection of beat segmentation and convolution neural network for arrhythmia classification

     A. Desiani, Erwin, S. I. Maiyanti, B. Suprihatin, N. Rachmatullah, A. N. Fauza, I. Ramayanti

     1231 – 1246


Improving reliability, capacity, and security of audio transmission based on multiple antennas using MGSTC technologies

     H. R. Hatem , A. M. Ahmed, M. Al-Sultani

     1247 – 1264


Isotherm adsorption of 40-μm zeolite particles for treatment of dye wastewater

     A. B. D. Nandiyanto, S. N. Hofifah, S. Anggraeni, T. Kurniwan

     1265 – 1275


X-ray image enhancement using retinex algorithm based on color restoration

     E. G. Daway, F. S. Abdulameer, H. G. Daway

     1276 – 1286


Profit-based online optimal planning of low emission multi-energy distribution system

     M. K. Al-Saadi, P. Luk

     1287 – 1305


Design and control of a robotic device for upper limb rehabilitation therapy

     S. Y. A. Mounis, N. Z. Azlan, H. Zakia

     1306 – 1327


Modeling of beach change and total suspended solid distribution based on remote sensing data before and post reclamation in Lamong bay port

     A. C. Huda, W. A. Pratikto, K. Sambodho, D.  L. Putri, R. Laksono, A. V. R. Dewi, I. A. Adha

     1328 – 1345


The effect of rice husk composition on porous concrete performance

     S. Anggraeni, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, A. R. Pribadi, M. G. Al-Kadzim, N. J. Harefa, R. H. Syabina, G. C. S. Girsang

     1346 – 1355


Fuzzy gain scheduling: Comparison of the control strategy

     J. S. Riquett, W. V. Díaz, J. F. Villegas, A. P Díaz

     1356 – 1368


A robust uncertainty quantification and compensation-based system for irrigation water demand management

     M. Elidrissi, O. Elbeqqali, J. Riffi

     1369 – 1387


Characterizing porous concrete mixtures for rigid pavement

     S. Al-Busaltan, S. A. A. Alameer, L. M. R. Mahmmod, M. A. Kadhim, O. Aljawad, M. Al-Kafaji

     1388 – 1407


Cyberbullying detection on instant messaging services using Rocchio and digital forensics research workshop framework

      I. Riadi, Sunardi, P. Widiandana

     1408 – 1421


Potential agricultural land suitability visualization using augmented reality geographic information system (AR-GIS)

     H. Maulana, H. Kanai

     1422 – 1435


Distributed denial of service attacks detection using statistical process control in centralized wireless networks

     H. Sounni, E. Najib, L. Fatima

     1436 – 1446


Overhead power-transmission-line temperature mapping by robotic measurement

     A. T. Zengin

     1447 – 1455


A new bio- inspired method of PAPR reduction in filter bank multicarrier modulation (FBMC) system

     J. A. Sheikh, Z. Iqbal, M. ul-Amin, G. M. Bhat

     1456 – 1471


Distance learning with the think talk write strategy to increase knowledge of covid-19 students with hearing impairments

     B. Susetyo, E. Heryati, D. D. Apriani, W. Munawar, W. Siswaningsih

     1472 – 1486


Starting temperature controlled reactor to accelerate composting of household organic waste

     P. Kanong, J. Sakulrat

     1487 – 1507


The impact of block and stream cipher on session initiation protocol proxy performance

     A. A. Khudher .

     1508 – 1522


Evaluation of phenol formaldehyde resin synthesized from sugarcane bagasse bio-oil under optimized parameters

     S. F. K. Ahmad, U. F. M. Ali, K. M. Isa, S. C.B. Gopinath

     1523 – 1531


Optimal hyper-parameter tuning using custom genetic algorithm on deep learning to detect twitter bots

     K. Thavasimani, N. K. Srinath

     1532 – 1549


Investigation of concentration influence on electronic coefficients of HE:NE plasma by predicting a mathematical model

      B. Hamed, R. A. Ali, M. T. Al-Obaidi

     1550 – 1560


Solar irradiance forecasting using kernel extreme learning machine: case study at Lamongan and Muara Karang regions, Indonesia

     M. Abdillah, W. A. Pramudito, T. A. Nugroho, D. N. Fitria

     1561 – 1576


Effect of temperature on the characteristics of beta-tricalcium phosphate for use as bone substitute material

     L. T. Bang, S. Ramesh, B. D. Long, N. A. Son, T. B. Trung, S. Sivakumar

     1577 – 1588


Development of brick architecture: The transformation in accordance with contemporary digital technology

     E.  S. Abdulahaad, O. A. Abood, S. A. Al Qeisi

     1589 – 1607










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