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Volume 17, Issue 1, February 2022

Pages 0001 - 0819


Adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system for predicting flexible pavement distress in tropical regions

      A. Milad, S. A. Majeed, I. Adwan, N. A. Khalifa, N, I. M. Yusoff

     0001 - 0014


Predicting asphalt pavement temperature by using neural network and multiple linear regression approach in the eastern Mediterranean region

      I. Adwan, A. Milad, N. H. Abdullah, I. Widyatmoko, M. Mubaraki, M. R. M. Yazid, N. I. M. Yusoff

     0015 - 0032


Corrosion of steel reinforcement in internally cured self-compacting concrete using waste brick and thermostone

     Z. K. Abbas, S. K. Abed, M. H. Hameed

     0033 - 0049


The impact of various patterns of residential building design to confront the challenges in climate changes in an arid environment, Baghdad city- Case study

     S. Ridha

     0050 – 0063


Mobile application design for digital marketing and management of horticultural crops

     S. Luckyardi, R. Hurriyati, Disman, P. D. Dirgantari

     0064 – 0074


Survey of OS command injection web application vulnerability attack

     M. Alahmad, A. Alkandari, N. Alawadhi

     0075 – 0084


Wheat flour as a thermal insulator for learning media for students with hearing impairment

     D. S. Hidayat, C. Rakhmat, A. Suryadi, E. Rochyadi, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, R. Maryanti

     0085 – 0094


Overview on 5G and 6G wireless communication with IOT technology

     A. Alkandari, M. Alahmad, N. Alawadhi

     0095 – 0105


Effect of hull design variations on the resistance profile and wave pattern: A case study of the patrol boat vessel

     A. R. Prabowo, E. Martono, T. Muttaqie, T. Tuswan, D. M. Bae

     0106 – 0126


The development of strength training instruction video for virtual community of students in pandemic era of Covid19

     N. I. Rahayu, I. Damayanti, Y. Ruhayati, S. S. R. Awaliyah

     0127 – 0137


Banks on Twitter: From single message to visual analytics strategies

     O. M. Granados, O. García-Bedoya, F. E. Romero

     0138 – 0155


Analysis of common mistake in writing scientific article in “engineering” undergraduate student

     A. B. D. Nandiyanto, N. N. Azizah

     0156 – 0170


Cutting force studies of cast nitrogen alloyed duplex stainless steel in dry turning process

     D. P. Selvaraj, P. Chandramohan, P. K. Rajesh

     0171 - 0179


Measuring the perception of comfort in acceleration variation using electrocardiogram and self-rating measurement for the passengers of the automated vehicle

     J. Karjanto, H. Wils, N. M. Yusof, Ja. Terken, F. Delbressine, M. Rauterberg

     0180 – 0196


Computer vision aided electrode wear estimation in electrical discharge machining process

    A. A. Khleif

     0197 – 0206


Design of model predictive control pseudo random pattern generator for low power BIST

     N. S. Warade, T. Ravi

     0207 – 0224


Teaching high school students with/without special needs and their misconception on corrosion

     R. Maryanti, A. Hufad, S. Sunardi, A. B. D. Nandiyanto

     0225 – 0238


Mechanical stabilization of weak sand subgrade using recycled concrete aggregate

     A. M. Ali, S. B. Tobeia

     0239 – 0256


The effect of reactant molar ratio to performance of H2SO4 catalyst and para-toluene sulfonic acid catalyst in the esterification of palm fatty acid distillate into biodiesel

     R. Tambun, A. D. Burmana, V. Alexander

     0257 – 0266


Nata de Coco material monitoring system using internet of things

     B. Kurniawan, A. H. Haq, S. Alviana

     0267 – 0274


Implementing sales decision support system using data mart based on OLAP, KPI, and data mining approaches

     J. M. Dahr, A. K. Hamoud, I. A. Najm, M. I. Ahmed

     0275 – 0293


Electromagnetic energy harvesting using 2.40 GHz compact high gain patch antenna

     H. Y. Alkhalaf, M. Samsuzzaman, M. Moniruzzaman, M. T. Islam

     0294 – 0305


The prediction of Kovats retention indices of essential oils at gas chromatography using genetic algorithm-multiple linear regression and support vector regression

     T. R. Noviandy, A. Maulana, N. R. Sasmita, R. Suhendra, I. Irvanizam, M. Muslem, G. M. Idroes, M. Yusuf, H. Sofyan, T. F. Abidin, R. Idroes

     0306 – 0326


Planetary gearbox and spacing between two sets of blades to increase performance efficiency for manufactured dual small wind turbine

     R. S. Salih, M. Z. Khalifa, S. F. A. Alkarim

     0327 – 0342


Trends in research related to photonic crystal (PhC) from 2009 to 2019: A bibliometric and knowledge mapping analysis

     N. Fauzan, L. Hasanah, H. S. Nugroho, R. E. Pawinanto, B. Mulyanti

     0343 – 0360


Radial basis function neural networks-based short term electric power load forecasting for super high voltage power grid

     M. O. Ali, S. J. Abou-Loukh, A. Q. Al-Dujaili, A. Alkhayyat, A. I. Abdulkareem, I. K. Ibraheem,  A. J. Humaidi, A. A. Al-Qassar, A. T. Azar

     0361 – 0378


Enhancing the performance of Inconel 601 alloy by erosion resistant WC-CR-CO coated material

     U. Harish, M. Mruthunjaya, K. B. Yogesha, P. N. Siddappa,  K. S. A. Kumar

     0379 – 0390


RLC –based image compression using wavelet decomposition with zero - setting of unnecessary sub-bands

     A. A. Dawood, A. S. Abdulaziz, A. J. Mohammed

     0391 – 0403


Experimental and numerical investigation of local scour around square bridge pier

     A. Bor, M. Ş. Güney

     0404 – 0419


Implementation of simulation method to improve student’s learning outcome of solar system in junior high school

     J. S. Ardiwinata, D. Y. Lutfiansyah

     0420 – 0434


E-payment model for the Iraqi public sector: A passport issuance e-system

     T. Alameri, M. N. Hammood, J. K. Mezaal, B. Eneizan

     0435 – 0451


High performance of power transfer in hybrid AC-DC microgrid without storage system

     H. Afianti, O. Penangsang, A. Soeprijanto

     0452 – 0471


Naïve Bayes based multiple parallel fuzzy reasoning method for medical diagnosis

     T. T. Ramanathan, M. J. Hossen, M. S. Sayeed

     0472 – 0490


Adaptive D2D communication with integrated in-band and out-band spectrum by employing channel quality indicator

     M. K. Murtadha

     0491 – 0507


Cracked soil behaviour treated with geopolymer for river embankment using a fuzzy C-means method

     Y. K. Firmansyah, R. A. A. Soemitro, D. D. Warnana, J. J. Ekaputri

     0508 – 0522


Optimization of process parameters using different statistical designs

     M. Varalakshmi, K. R. Lakshmi, N. R. Boggarapu

     0523 – 0533


Structural and material based comprehensive performance analysis on shunt capacitive RF MEMS switch

     M. R. Sathuluri, G. Sasikala

     0534 – 0551


Effective energy of spectral plasma parameters for Fe2O3 on staphylococcus aureus and acinetobacter baumannil

     B. M. Ahmed, R. A. Abdulrazaq, M. A. Khalaf, O. A. A. Dakhil

     0552 – 0562


Intelligent tree-based ensemble approaches for phishing website detection

     Y. A. Alsariera, A. O. Balogun, V. E. Adeyemo, O. H. Tarawneh, H. A. Mojeed

     0563 – 0582


Techniques to reduce cost overruns during the design phase of construction projects

     A. M. F. Albtoush, S I Doh, M. A. K.A. Al-Btoush, R. A. Rahman

     0583 – 0603


Achieving sustainable waste management at construction sites via life-cycle of environmental impact assessment

     M. Mohammed, N. Shafiq, N. A. W. Abdallah, M. Ayoub, A. Haruna, M. B. Ibrahim

     0604 – 0619


Three level h bridge grid connected inverter with multifunctional capability based on the conservative power theory

     D. Shukla, N. Zaveri

     0620 – 0639


Calibration and validation of VISSIM microscopic model of contraflow operation system of silk highway, Malaysia

     A. E. Jehad, H. Al-Msari, A. Ismail

     0640 – 0653


Impact of soil-borne chloride on rebars corrosion in reinforced concrete members

     A. A. Al-Tameemi, M. Sh. Mahmood, N. A. Albahadli, H. H. Alkhudery, R. M. Alturaihee

     0654 – 0672


Systematic comparison of gluconic acid optimization produced by Aspergillus using raw bioresources

cultivation medium

     R. A. A. Alsaheb, J. K. Abdullah, A. Sh. A. Lafi

     0673 – 0688


Improvement of partially treated wastewater quality by soil aquifer treatment in upper Egypt

     H. M. Amin, A. A.M. Gad, M. El-Rawy, U. A. Abdelghany, R. A. Sadeek

     0689 – 0712


Activating urban public spaces surrounding heritage rivers; Al Ashar river in Basra - Iraq as a case study

      R. R. Fenjan, A. Fadhil, H. A. Nassif, H. I. Alyasari

     0713 – 0729


A hybrid CNN-BILSTM model for drug named entity recognition

     D. H. Fudholi, R. A. N. Nayoan, A. F. Hidayatullah, D. B. Arianto

     0730 – 0744


Level-up/level-down voltage level shifter for nano-scale applications

     S. Gundala, M. M. Basha, S. Vijayakumar

     0745 – 0759


Tamper detection and localization scheme for colour medical images

     R. Thabit

     0760 – 0780


Multiclass epilepsy classification using wavelet decomposition, direct quadrature, and Shannon entropy

     M. A. Fraiwan, M. Alafeef

     0781 – 0797


Big data driven hems towards dg integration using ml algorithm based LMA

     M. P. Raju, A. J. Laxmi

     0798 – 0819








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