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Volume 16, Issue 6, December 2021

Pages 4369 - 5109


Optimization of cutting parameters of martensitic stainless steel grades AISI 410 and AISI 420 during CNC dry milling

     G. Pramod , D. P. Selvaraj

     4369 - 4382


A comparative analysis study of hole flanging by incremental sheet forming process of AA1060 and DC01 sheet metals

     M. T. Mezher, S. M. Khazaal, N. S. M. Namer, R. A. Shakir

     4383 - 4403


Design and simulation of smart wireless devices using SCMA technology

     A. Z. Yonis

     4404 - 4413


A bibliometric analysis of chemical engineering research using vosviewer and its correlation with Covid-19 pandemic condition

     A. B. D. Nandiyanto, D. N. Al Husaeni, D. F. Al Husaeni

     4414 - 4422


Production and performance of okara/sago and okara/banana peel organic fertilizers in plantation

     J. C. H. Lai, K. H. Masrun, N. Madin, R. H. Baini, N. A. S. Abdul Samat

     4423 - 4437


Accounting information system adoption among Indonesian MSMES: A conceptual model for cloud computing

     F. M. Hamundu, M. H. Husin, A. S. Baharudin

     4438 - 4451


Estimated use of electrical load using regression analysis and adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system

     M. Khairudin, U. Nursusanto, K. I. Ismara, F. Arifin, D. B. Fahrurrozi, A. Yahya, A. S. Prabuwono, Z. Mohamed

     4452 - 4467


GO-COCOSERV as a coral reef conservation service based on characteristics of breeding locations

     A. S. Sitanggang, N. Hasti, R. F. Syafariani

     4468 - 4480


Improvement of non-linear power amplifier performance using Doherty technique

     A. A. Ismael, A. T. Younis, E. A. Abdo, S. H. Hussein

     4481 - 4493


The effect of electrodes area on the resistive switching Au / Si / Cu2S / CuO / Cu based memory

     Z. S. Mohammed

     4494- 4504


PID-PSO controller for PV panel system identification models on ANFIS and NN-NARX system

     F. A. Lafta, I. A. Hasan, M. J. Mohammed

     4505 - 4517


Assessment of the water quality and environmental management in Jangari reservoir watershed using selected physical, chemical, and biological parameters

      S. Luckyardi, T. V. L. Gaol, D. Oktafiani

     4518 - 4529


Development of artificial intelligence techniques in Saudi Arabia: The impact on covid-19 pandemic. literature review

     N. B. Al- Jehani, Z. A. Hawsawi, N. Radwan, M. Farouk

     4530 - 4547


The influence of argemone mexicana bio fuel added with titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles on the operating behavior of direct injection (di) compression ignition engine

     V. V.  Bhosale, W. S. Rathod

     4548 - 4559


Numerical study of CO emission reaction in CO2 diluted biogas and oxy-fuel premixed combustion

     H. Wicaksono, S. H. Susilo, B. Pranoto

     4560 - 4572


Perceived neighborhood walkability and walking for particular purposes among motorcyclists in Bandung city, Indonesia

     R. Syafriharti, B. Kombaitan, I. Syabri, P. Dirgahayani

     4573 - 4581


Personal thermal comfort prediction based on EEG signal

     R. Pratama, Faridah, B. Achmad, D. D. Avoressi, M. M. Waruwu, Y. F. Luckyarno

     4582 - 4599


Application of coagulation and electro-coagulation methods for removal of phosphate from wastewater

     N. A. Jasim, T. K. Hussein

     4600 - 4611


Role of ‘e’ in engineering applications

     K. Diwakar, C. Senthilpari, V. V. Rajasegharan, S. I. Ebenezer

     4612 - 4625


Traditional timber house performance in earthquake zone case study: Traditional village of Panjalin, West Java, Indonesia

     A. H. Siregar

     4626 - 4637


Application of a one-dimensional steady state model for simulation the water quality in Tigris River

     G. Y. Al Kindi, T. A. Hussain, A. N. Abed

     4638 - 4649


Authentication of java preanger steamed green tea by using ultraviolet spectroscopy and discriminant analysis method

     D. Suhandy, M. Yulia

     4650 - 4665


Energy efficient scheme for wireless sensor networks based on ContikiMAC protocol

     O. Ali, M. K. Ishak

     4666 - 4686


Effect of slag cement on concrete resistance against combined exposure to freeze-thaw and chloride ingress

     J. Zhao, E. D. Shumuye, Z. Wang,

     4687 - 4706


Grey-level image compression using 1-D polynomial and hybrid encoding techniques

     G. K. Al-Khafaji, L. E. Gorrge

     4707 - 4728


Proposed policies for shifting private vehicles users to public transportation by using logit model

     H. Al-Msari, A. E. Jehad, A. El-Shafie, S. B. Koting

     4729 - 4739


Optimized performance of time delay systems using modified smith predictor with PI-D controller

     S. M. Raafat, H. M. Jassim, L. A. M. Al-Chalabi

     4740 - 4765


Influence of growth parameters on the crop yield performance of hydroponic spinach (spinacia oleracea l.) using correlation and regression models

     P. Srivani, C. R. Y. Devi, S. H. Manjula

     4766 - 4778


Efficient mobile sink location placement by residual status in WSN to enhance the network lifetime

     A. A. K. Mohammad, A. K. Lodhi, A. Bari, M. A. Hussain

     4779 - 4790


Computational investigations on the performance and emissions characteristics of range extender spark ignition engine fueled with biogas applied for small electric vehicles

     Y. Putrasari, H. E. Putri, A. Dimyani, M. Pratama, Suherman, A. Nur, A. Praptijanto, W. B. Santoso

     4791 - 4807


Effect of storage period in hot weather on the properties of Portland cement

     A. J. Ibrahim, A. A. K. Sharba, H. D. Hussain

     4808 - 4816


Numerical study of cooling system for photovoltaic thermal collector

      M. F. Mohammed, H. A. Daud, N. S. Ekaab

     4817 - 4832


Finite element dynamic analysis of thin shells subjected to arbitrary loading

     A. A. Mansor, M. M. Hamid, N. S. Abbas

     4833 - 4852


A new system for converting voices of Persian letters into gesture

     S. K. Ali, Z. M. Aydam, W. K. Mutlag

     4853 - 4863


Improving the efficiency of speculative execution strategy in Hadoop using amazon elasticache for redis

     C. Kavitha, X. Anita, Shirley S.

     4864 - 4878


Experimental and analytical study of strengthened reinforced reactive powder concrete edge beams under combined loading

     A. A. Alfeehan, R. H. Alkerwei

     4879 - 4895


Evaluating the effect of lesion segmentation on the detection of skin cancer by pre-trained CNN models

     J. Bektaş, Y. Bektaş, E. E. Kangal

     4896 - 4909


3DOF robot arm control using fuzzy neural petri net (FNPN) controller

     W. H. Zayer, A.-J. F. Ali, Z. A. Maeedi

     4910 - 4919


Improvising data security measures using Rajan transform

     A. Vishnoi, D. Sharma, M. Prateek

     4920 - 4932


Development of gear shift patterns for six-speed automatic transmission vehicle

     T. Y. Chian, N. Z. Abu Bakar, H. M. Hussain

     4933 - 4957


Hybrid wireless sensors networks for tracking animals

     R. H. Hussain, S. R. Saleh

     4958 - 4974


Numerical analysis on the behavior of polygonal CFST composite columns under axial loading using finite element

     S. J. Hilo, S. M. Sabih, M. M. Abdulrazzaq

     4975 - 4999


Variation of weather elements during different seasons in Iraq

     I. H. Abdulkareem, H. A. Nemah

     5000 - 5012


Energy efficiency in cloud data center through unsupervised rule-based VM selection methods

     G. F. Shidik, A. Nugraha, P. N. Andono, E. Noersasongko, E. J. Kusuma

     5013 - 5026


Improvement of expansive soil by rice husk ash

     K. Y. H. Al-Soudany

     5027 - 5043


Risk analysis of ship collision in Indonesian water using house of risk

     S. Yahya, H. Supomo, S. Nugroho

     5044 - 5059


A tabu-clock combinatorial keystream generator for wireless communication

     A. Y. Yousuf, T. S. Atia

     5060 - 5070


Design and analytical study for influence of thermal insulation on Ethiopian electric Injera baking pan (mitad)

     F. T. Teferi, K. P. Kolhe

     5071 - 5086


Performance optimisation within device layer of IOT networks

    K. V. Sowmya, J. K. R Sastry

     5087 - 5109








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