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Volume 16, Issue 4, August 2021

Page 2795 – 3599


Autonomous tracking and landing on moving ground vehicle with multi-rotor UAV

      S. K. Phang, X. Chen

     2795 - 2815

Analysis of Bluetooth low energy-based indoor localization system using machine learning algorithms

      A. A. Hashim, M. M. Rasheed, S. A. Abdullah

     2816 - 2824

Characteristics of data mining by classification educational dataset to improve student's evaluation

      A. A. Jasim, L. R. Hazim, W. D. Abdullah

     2825 - 2844

Wind load on temporary air rib inflated pneumatic building structure

     S. P. Martana

     2845 - 2851

Mechanical and thermal properties of acrylated epoxidized palm oil and epoxy resin blends

      R. Mustapha, S. N. H. Mustapha

     2852 - 2866

The effect of addition nanoparticle chicken eggshell fillers on biocomposite acrylic resin for denture base

      M. Lubis, M. B. Harahap, M. H. S. Ginting, D. M. T Hasibuan, N. F. Dalimunthe

     2867 - 2875

Music classification using association rule and k nearest neighbor

      K. C. Waghmare, B. A. Sonkamble

     2876 - 2887

Permeation of potassium chloride from its solution into deionized water through poly-(vinyl alcohol)/glutaraldehyde/ Premna Oblongifolia Merr membrane

     H. Hendrawan, F. Khoerunnisa, F. Z. Maulidah, N. T. Gultom

     2888 - 2900

Comparative analysis of performance of deep CNN based framework for brain MRI classification using transfer learning

      S. M. Kulkarni, G. Sundari

     2901 - 2917

Driving cycle tracking device (DC-TRAD)

      S. K. Arun, I. N. Anida, W. M. W. Mariam, J. S. Norbakyah, A. R. Salisa

     2918 - 2926

An enhanced naïve bayes classification algorithm to predict type ii diabetes

      P. B. K. Chowdary, R. U. Kumar

     2927 - 2937

Cooling vest (CV-F) to improve recovery effectiveness of Pencak Silat martial arts student-athletes

     J. Lubis, A. Sukur, A. Haqiyah, A. A. Irawan, D. Suliyanthini, S. Sukriadi, E. Susianti

     2938 - 2949

Fiber laser welding of similar and dissimilar aluminum alloys

      Y. M. Baqer, S. Ramesh, F. Yusof, R. Mahmoodian, S. Sivakumar, T. Wu, C. Tan

     2950 - 2959

Effectiveness of ventilation strategies in reducing the temperature in the main prayer halls of mosques in Malaysia

      N. B. I. Rasli, N. A. Ramli, M. R. Ismail, N. S. Zainordin, M. R. Razman

     2960 - 2979

Sustainable architectural design in the Egyptian natural protected areas - Al-Gharqana fishermen village, Nabq protected area, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

      W. M. Yousef, A. A. Elmansoury

     2980 - 3004

Green approach in designing Rumah Susun Sewa Sederhana (Flat Rent) in Rancacili Bandung Indonesia

     W. S. Abioso, G. B. Kusnadi

     3005 - 3014

Magnetic flux leakage (MFL) Defect characterization using I-KAZ statistical analysis for non-destructive test (NDT) application

      N. A. Sharif, R. Ramli, M. Z. Nuawi, A. Z. Mohamed, M. S. Amiri, K. Ahmad

     3015 - 3024

Modified fiber bragg grating based heavy metal ions sensor in C-band

      H. A. Mohammed, B. A. Esttaifan, M. H. Yaacob

     3025 - 3032

SDN based device to device communication architecture for 5G mobile networks

      M. K. Murtadha

     3033 - 3047

Analytical hierarchy process (AHP) to determine zoning region vocational education

     I. M. Purwaamijaya, R. M. Masri

     3048 - 3056

Tile damage detection in temple facade via convolutional neural networks

      K. Chaiyasarn, A. Buatik

     3057 - 3071

Investigating the particle size distribution of synthesized copper powder via electrodeposition

      S. Wahyudi, S. Soepriyanto, M. Z. Mubarok, Sutarno, M. Iqbal, A. T. Qodratillah

     3072 - 3083

Synthesis and study of the mechanical properties of biodegradable polyvinyl alcohol/eggshell composites

      A. T. Abbas, A. J. Al-Obaidi, S. J. Ahmed

     3084 - 3093

Development of augmented reality technology in vocational school: A socio-technical curriculum framework

     I. Widiaty, A. Ana, Suciati, D. Kuswardhana, Y. Achdiani, S. R. Mubaroq

     3094 - 3103

Modeling the pedestrians walking behaviour at a commercial center in Baghdad city

      H. A. Khudhair, S. M. Alsadik

     3104 - 3118

Parallel object tracking in image sequences based on k-means and an improved gradient vector flow

      H. Meddeber, B. Yagoubi

     3119 - 3135

Development of models for forecasting of seasonal ground level ozone (O3)

     N. L. M. Napi, S. Abdullah, A. A. Mansor, A. N. Ahmed, M. Ismail

     3136 - 3154

Study of hybrid flood forecasting approach combining multiplicate seasonal ARIMA and hybrid-neuro fuzzy based on long-term time series

     S. Supatmi, R. Hou, I. D. Sumitra

     3155 - 3164

Landmarks exploration algorithm for mobile robot indoor localization using vision sensor

     M. N. Noaman, M. Qasim, O. Y. Ismael

     3165 - 3184

Bubble coalescence model effect on oxygen mass transfer using non-Newtonian fluids

      L. Niño, M. Peñuela, G. Gelves

     3185 - 3198

Green synthesis of iron nanoparticle using tea leave extract for removal ciprofloxacin (CIP) from aqueous medium

     M. A. Atiya, A. K. Hassan, F. Q. Kadhim

     3199 - 3221

River water monitoring system using internet of things to determine the location of river pollution

      A. H. S. Budi, E. A. Juanda, I. Kustiawan, N. N. N. Kurniadi, H. Henny

     3222 - 3233

Inorganic perovskite solar cells based on CsPbBr3 films grown by different thermal evaporation routes

      G. Gordillo, J. C. Peña, C. A. Otálora, O. G. Torres

     3234 - 3249

Classification of benign and malignant pulmonary nodules in LDCT images using radiomic features

      S. R. Ziyad, V. Radha, T. Vayyapuri

     3250 - 3266

Flexural behavior of hollow reinforced concrete haunched (RCH) beams

     S. Suparp, P. Joyklad

     3267 - 3282

Investigating and developing the ability to model physics phenomena

     Sujito, Liliasari, A. Suhandi, E. Soewono

     3283 - 3294

Numerical parametric study on the flexural capacity of reinforced concrete beams strengthened with non-metallic materials

      Y. Haryanto, H. -T. Hu, A. L. Han, F.-P. Hsiao, N. G. Wariyatno, B. A. Hidayat

     3295 - 3311

Customized AlexNet models for automatic classification of skin diseases

     A. K. C. Huong, K. G. Tay, X. T. I. Ngu

     3312 - 3324

A mathematical model to enable the virtual commissioning simulation of wick soilless cultivations

      G. Barbieri, G. Quintero, O. Cerrato, J. Otero, D. Zanger, A. Mejia

     3325 - 3342

Driving safety application using wearable device and mobile technology

      E. B. Setiawan, T. F. Fatoni

     3343 - 3357

JaCoCo-coverage based statistical approach for ranking and selecting key classes in object-oriented software

      B. I. Al-Ahmad, I. Al-Taharwa , R. S. Alkhawaldeh, I. M. Alazzam, N. Ghatasheh

     3358 - 3386

Propose a conceptual framework for the cloud ERP adoption among Malaysian SMES

      A. Razzaq, S. A. Asmai, Z.. Z. Abidin, M. S. Talib, M. F. Ali, A. A. Mohammed

     3387 - 3406

Convection heat transfer performance for the SCF-CO2 media in mini-tube with fins experimentally

      A. A. Jaddoa

     3407 - 3420

Comparisonal analysis mechanical properties of material  mixer blade AISI 1522 carbon steel and  white cast iron due to hardening process

     I. Kuntadi, U. Sumirat, M. Komaro, H. F. Al-Gifari

     3421 - 3434

Using agricultural waste as biosorbent for hazardous  brilliant green dye removal from aqueous solutions

      S. M. Badr, I. S. Samaka

     3435 - 3454

Establishing a computerized model for designing different types of concrete in terms of strength, quantity and cost

     A. A. Gamal, M. S. Bakir, A. Mahmoud, M. Abdel-Hamid

     3455 - 3480

Reduction of PAPR pattern with low complexity using hybrid-pts scheme for the 4G and 5G multicarrier systems

      F. M. Mustafa, H. M. Bierk, M. N. Hussain

     3481 - 3504

Comparative analysis of AHP and fuzzy AHP for solar power plant site selection

      A. G. Abdullah, N. A. Dwitasari, A. H. Setiorini, D. L. Hakim

     3505 - 3520

The effects of multi-layers surfaces on the elastic deformation of journal bearing

     M. Z. Khalifa

     3521 - 3533

NIPSA intrusion classification

      M. N. B. Ali, M. M. Saudi, T. Bhuiyan, A. B. Ahmad, M. N. Islam

     3534 - 3547

The impact of problem-based learning toward enhancing mathematical thinking: A meta-analysis study

      D. Juandi, M. Tamur

     3548 - 3561

Suction effect on shear strength of an over consolidated unsaturated soil

     H. M. Mekkiyah, M. Y. Fattah, I. A. Abd

     3562 - 3575

Designing a cMOOC for academic communities to support awareness of scaffolding procedure on sharing knowledge

      R. Kusumawati, P. Setyosari, I. N. S. Degeng, S. Ulfa

     3576 - 3587

Comparison of MD & ZCC one dimension code for optical-CDMA over multi-mode fiber based on Laguerre-Gaussian modes

     A. Ghazi, S. A. Aljunid, S. Z. S. Idrus, A. Fareed, L. Hamood, R. Endut, N. Ali, C. B. M. Rashidi, A. M. Fakhrudeen, A. Al-Dawoodi,
     R. Matem, S. S. Abdullah

     3588 – 3599







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