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Volume 16, Issue 3, June 2021 (in press)

Page 1851 – xxxx


Stabilization of single-axis propeller-powered system for aircraft applications based on optimal adaptive control design

     A. A. Al-Qassar, A. Q. Al-Dujaili, A. F. Hasan, A. J. Humaidi, I. K. Ibraheem, A. T. Azar

     1851 - 1869

Behavior and strength of polypropylene reinforced concrete slabs

     A. A. Jaber, A. S. Mohammed, S. A. Abbas

     556 - 570

TexNet: a deep convolutional neural network model to recognize text in natural scene images

     D. Kavitha, V. Radha

     601 - 611

Effect of particle size and tapioca starch content on performance of the rice husk and red bean skin briquettes

     S. Anggraeni, S. R. Putri, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, , M. R. Bilad

     750 - 761

The impact of brain vitality gym on cognitive performance and fitness level in older adults with dementia: A preliminary study

     B. Mulyana, M. Fitri, A. Sulastri, P. Pitriani, U. Rahmi, N. E. Zainal

     851 - 860

Design and implementation of indoor robot positioning system using LED array and LDR sensor

     I. S. Al-Furati, A. T. Rashid

     194 - 208

Web-based and thinVNC remote laboratory implementation to support students 'skills in mechatronics course to face the Industrial Revolution 4.0

     J. Kustija, A. Ana, N. D. Jayanto

     861 - 876

Students with hearing impairments’ comprehension level towards the exam questions of natural science lessons

     B. Susetyo, R. Maryanti, W. Siswaningsih

     877 – 887

An analysis on capacities of old fabric in social resilience of city against Covid-19 epidemic: A case study of old fabric of Najaf Ashraf city

     M. H. Baqe, A. F. Al-Mudhaffer, G. I. Kadhum

     851 - 860

Experimental investigation and analysis of heat transfer rate in conical tube heat exchanger : A novel enhancement approach

     R. A. Hussein, A. A. Alwan, I. M. Abed

     861 - 876

Interference mitigation in the vehicular communication network using MIMO techniques

     H. H. Saleh, I. Mishkhal, D. S. Ibrahim

     877 – 887







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