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Volume 16, Issue 1, February 2021

Page 0001 - 0887


Contrast enhancement using adaptive threshold based dynamic range adjustment in LUV colour space

     P. M. Pardhi, S. D. Thepade

     1 - 24

Economic operation planning of combined heat and power smart distribution system

     M. K. Al-Saadi

     25 - 43

The strategic role of smart city (Bandung care) in the development of Bandung city

     D. S. Soegoto, Y. Pangestika

     44 - 51

X-ray transmission-rate-measuring by using low-cost laboratory counter

     A. T. Zengin

     52 – 64

Robust energy efficient control for wireless sensor networks via unity sliding mode

     S. M. Raafat, A. M. Mahmood

     65 – 84

Analysis of distributed deep-learning based digital learning media using thin client devices for inclusion vocational school students

     A. Andriana, A. Ana, H. Puspita, I. Y. Wulandari

     85 - 91

Grid-independent PV–wind–diesel generator hybrid renewable energy system for a medium population: A case study

     Z. W. J. Al-Shammari, M. M. Azizan, A. S. F. Rahman

     92 - 106

Characterization of the earth dam embankment using shallow seismic data: A case study at Klong Sadao dam, southern Thailand

     S. Yordkayhun, K. Wattanasen

     107 - 121

Water quality modelling and management of Diyala river and its impact on Tigris River

     B. Sh. Abed, M. H. Daham, A. H. Ismail

     122 - 135

Performance of green mortar made from locally available waste tiles and silica fume

     M. K. Obaid, M. S. Nasr, I. M. Ali, A. A. Shubbar, K. S. Hashim

     136 - 151

Using monkey optimization algorithm to detect neris botnet

     I. A. Saleh, M. A. Kamal, L. M. Ibrahim

     152 - 164

Vetiver waste fertilizer as a growth catalyst on mung bean

     E. S. Soegoto, R. Jumansyah, S. Luckyardi

     165 - 175                                               

A review of the transformation techniques in the OFDM system

     M. H. M. Nerma

     176 - 193

Real-time moving objects detection and tracking using deep-stream technology

     N. H. Abdulghafoor, H. N. Abdullah

     194 - 208

Chemotherapy for cervical cancer patients: Is it a “Nightmare”?

     Suwendar, A. Fudholi, T. M. Andayani, H. S. Sastramihardja

     209 - 223

Optimization of adsorption process parameters of Ni (II) in a bed packed-column with agro-industrial residue of yam (dioscorea rotundata)

     C. Tejada-Tovar, A. Villabona-Ortiz, M. Jiménez, A. Herrera-Barros, R. Ortega-Toro

     224 - 235

Noma multiuser detection with MIMO for maximizing the system capacity and eliminate interference

     A. V. Kulkarni, S. N. Motade

     236 - 250

Learning antenna simulation to enhance technical competency of avionics students

     I. Y. Wulandari, E. Ema, A. Ana, N. Indroasyoko, H. Puspita, Andriana, R. Hidayat

     251 - 258

Preparation of copper aluminum-biochar composite as adsorbent of malachite green in aqueous solution

     N. R. Palapa, T. Taher, A. F. Badri, Suheryanto, R. Mohadi, A. Rachmat, A. Lesbani

     259 - 274

Expressive shares visual secret sharing using discrete cosine transform for improved extracted secret quality

     R. Chaturvedi, S. D. Thepade, S. Ahirrao

     275 - 290

Elicitation of stage discharge relationship for multi-gate controlled barrage

     M. S. Shamkhi, N. M. Neama

     291 - 304

Transfer function modeling and optimization speed response of BLDC Motor E-bike using intelligent controller

     I. Anshory,  I. Robandi, Jamaaluddin, A. Fudholi, Wirawan

     305 - 324

Hybridization and modification of the PSO algorithm and its use in personal recognition by OPG X-ray

     D. S. Hammadi, A. N. Younis, F. M. Ramo

     325 - 338

Data visualization for content marketing domain in social media

     D. Dharmayanti, A. M. Bachtiar, F. N. Fakhrul

     339 – 349

The use of ultraviolet (UV) spectroscopy and chemometrics to quantify the percentages of adulteration in
Kalosi ground roasted specialty coffee

     D. Suhandy, M. Yulia

     350 - 364

Low voltage ride through capability enhancement using series connected fact devices in wind energy conversion system

     B. P. Ganthia, S. K. Barik, B. Nayak

     365 - 384

Projection simulation media in technical drawing for vocational students

     D. Rohendi, N. Utami, A. Ana, A. Sukandar

     385 - 397

Static polygon formation in leader- follower robotic system by utilizing RP LIDAR sensor in unknown environment

     B. A. Issa, A. T. Rashid

     398 - 414

Effect of structural defects and impurities on electrical characteristics of photovoltaic cells: Multiscale modelling

     O. A. Al-Ani, A. M. A. Sabaawi, E. H. Sadiq, M. F. Mosleh

     415 - 426

Improvement of cassiterite levels with variation of feed roll and separation roll speed in high tension roll separator (HTRS)

     L. Pulungan, D. N. Usman, S. Widayati, S. Maulida

     427 - 437

Assessment of contamination vulnerability of groundwater using susceptibility index method: Semarang city as case study

     T. T. Putranto, A. A. Marjuanto

     438 - 454

Street dust contamination by heavy metals in Babylon governorate, Iraq

     O. J. Al-Sareji, R. A. Grmasha, J. M. Salman, K. S. Hashim

     455 - 469

The use of psychrometric analysis kit for learning air conditioning process in vocational education

     E. T. Berman, I. Hamidah, B. Mulyanti, A. Setiawan

     470 - 481

Feature fusion approach for image retrieval with ordered color means based description of key points extracted using local detectors

     J. H. Dewan, S. D. Thepade

     482 - 509

Characterization of tyre rubber ash and crumb as fine aggregate resource

     S. Shahidan, S. A. Mangi, M. S. Senin, S. S. M. Zuki, M. H. W. Ibrahim

     510 - 526

Effects of particle size and composition of cassava peels and rice husk on the briquette performance

     S. Anggraeni, S. N. Hofifah, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, M. R. Bilad

     527 - 542

Analytical solution of the problem of heat exchange of buried pipeline with atmosphere in the conditions of snow cover

     E. V. Markov, S. A. Pulnikov, Y. S. Sysoev, D. V. Rachkov, E. P. Bragar

     543 - 555

Studying the effect of increasing capacity using comp technology in LTE-A networks

     A. N. Hammodat, S. A. Ayoob

     556 - 570

3D biomechanical analysis of swimming start movements using a portable smart platform with android pie

     A. Rusdiana, B. Mulyana, D. R. Nurjaya, Badruzaman, I. Imanudin, E. Fauziah, A. M. Syahid

     571 - 585

An Experimental identification of shear wave velocity of Bangkok clay using bender element

     S. Pethrung, P. Pairojn, S Teachavorasinskun

     586 - 600

Teaching the corrosion of iron particles in saline water to students with special needs

     R. Maryanti, A. Hufad, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, S. Tukimin

     601 - 611

Incineration alternative for municipal solid waste disposal of Najaf city, Iraq

     H M. M. Al-Khateeb

     612 - 620

Hybrid adjustment delay and superframe duration scheme to improve performance IEEE 802.15.4 networks

     E. Yundra, U. T. Kartini, I. W. Susila

     621 - 634

Students’ perception of online learning and institution’s engagement during the Covid-19 pandemic: A survey study of Taylor’s design, architecture, and engineering students

     P. C. L. Koh, S. K. Wong

     635 - 651

A smartphone indoor localization based on affinity propagation clustering and Kullback-Leibler multivariate Gaussian

     O. A. Abdullah

     652 - 665

Digital literacy skills of vocational school teachers

     S. Saripudin, I. B. Budiyanto, R. Listiana, A. Ana

     666 - 680

Adaptive cruise control of a simscape driveline vehicle model using PID controller

     A. Mahmood, M. Almaged, M. N. Noaman, Y. H. S. Alnema

     681 - 695

Low sulphidation Au-Ag epithermal associated minerals using T2 hotelling’s method

     D. N. Usman, L. Pulungan, S. Widayati, F. Hirnawan, N. Sulaksana, I. Haryanto, H. Nuryahya

     696 - 710

Deep-intrusion detection system with enhanced UNSW-NB15 dataset based on deep learning techniques

     A. M. Aleesa, M. Younis, A. A. Mohammed, N. M. Sahar

     711 - 727

E-monitoring the vulnerability of malnutrition of children using the TOPSIS method

     S. Nurhayati, R. Lubis

     728 - 736

Compare arithmetic coding to the wavelet approaches for medical image compression

     N. H. Salman

     737 - 749

Finite element analysis of two-way hollow high strength self-compacting fiber reinforced concrete slab under the effects of uniform repeated load (using two-way piping system)

     W. A. Tameemi, N. A. Alwash

     750 - 761

Experimental investigation on an elevated basin solar still with integrated internal reflectors and inclined fins

     W. H. Alawee, H. A. Dhahad, I. S. Ahmed, T. A. Mohammad

     762 - 777

Design and development of animation media for isomorphous binary phase diagram of engineering material courses

     M. Komaro, Ariyano, A. Suherman, A. Ana, R. Pangestu

     778 - 791

Effect of curing time on compressive strength of agrostone building material with water hyacinth, bagasse and grass bio-fillers – a comparative study

     Y. M. Degu

     792 - 806

Design and implementation of electronic examination device for improving the blind students’ comfort

     H. Hidayat, N. S. Hasibuan, M. F. Wicaksono

     807 - 815

Palmprint recognition system based on proposed features extraction and (c5.0) decision tree, k-nearest neighbor (KNN) classification approaches

     M. S. Kadhm, H. Ayad, M. J. Mohammed

     816 - 831

Prediction of the maximum throat width due to contraction in rectangular channels under critical flow conditions using computational fluid dynamics

     F. A. Alshitali, L. A. Alasadi, A. A. W. Alkraidi, M. A. Aljumaili

     832 - 841

An empirical numerical relation between evaporation rate and flash point of common industrial liquid materials

     J. F. Mata-Segreda

     842 - 850

E-Rubric to measure employability skills

     S. Subekti, A. Ana, M. Muktiarni, V. Dwiyanti

     851 - 860

Pneumonia detection using CNN through chest X-ray

     H. GM, M. K. Gourisaria, S. S. Rautaray, M. Pandey

     861 - 876

Pelesir: Digital platform with a combination of frameworks to introduce tourism in southern of West Java, Indonesia

     G. Undang, A. M. Tanjung, T. Maskun

     877 - 887







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