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Volume 15, Issue 6, December 2020

Page 3514 - 4391


Smart water-quality monitoring system based on enabled real-time internet of things

     A. J. Ramadhan

     3514 - 3527

Numerical modelling of small scale model piles under axial static loads

     A. M. Ali, H. K. Kareem

     3528 - 3546

Improvement the performance and efficiency of turbocharging spark ignition engine by using blended bioethanol fuel

    M. N. Hawas, A. A. Mohammed, A. H. Fahem

     3547 - 3558

Assessment of student competence using electronic rubric  

    A. Ana, C. Yulia, Y. Jubaedah,  M. Muktiarni, V. Dwiyanti, A. Maosul

     3559 - 3570

Predicting municipal sewage effluent quality index using mathematical models in the Al-Rustamiya sewage treatment plant

    B. H. K. Al-Obaidi

     3571 - 3587

Monitoring temperature, humidity and controlling system in industrial fixed room storage based on IOT

    M. T. A. Seman, M. N. Abdullah, M. K. Ishak

     3588 - 3600

Inter person activity recognition using RGB-D data

    M. M. Sardeshmukh, M. T. Kolte, V. M. Sardeshmukh

     3601 - 3614

Development and validation of a RP-HPLC method for a simultaneous analysis of quercetin and ascorbic acid in psidium guajava fruit extract at different ripening stages 

    A. Sulastri, Y. E. Maulana, A. Amaliya, S. Sukrasno, A. A. Soemardji

     3615 - 3624

Efficient space-filling one dimensional scan generator

    B. S. H. Mahmood, Z. T. Al-Mokhtar, J. M. Abdul-Jabbar

     3625 - 3638

The detect DOS attack from network traffic using gray wolf optimization algorithm

     M. M.T. Jawhar, M. A. Alellah

     3639 - 3648

Shear performance of beam-column joints subjected to high loading rates

     A. Al-Rifaie, A. Al-Husainy, A. Dulaimi, H. K. Shanbara

     3649 - 3660  

Water quality monitoring in Citarum river (Indonesia) using IOT (Internet of Thing)

     A. B. Pantjawati, R. D. Purnomo, B. Mulyanti, L. Fenjano, R. E. Pawinanto, A. B. D. Nandiyanto

     3661 – 3672

Design and evaluation of upper-arm mouse using inertial sensor for human-computer interaction

     R. B. Widodo, A. B. Haryasena, H. Setiawan, P. L. T. Irawan, M. Subianto, C. Wada

     3673 - 3690

The effect of citie’s shrinkage on their urban fabric: A case study of garage Al Amana district in Baghdad

     M. H. Al-Musawi, W. SH. Al-Hinkawi

     3691 - 3708

Coagulation performance and mechanism of a new coagulant (polyaluminium chloride-tapioca peel powder) for landfill leachate treatment

     S. N. A. Mohd-Salleh,  M. Z. N. Shaylinda,  N. Othman,  G. Yashni,  A. B. Norshila

     3709 - 3722

Rowing talent identification based on main and weighted criteria from the analytic hierarchy process (AHP)

     D. R. Nurjaya, A. G. Abdullah, A. Ma’mun, A. Rusdiana

     3723 - 3740

Experimental investigation on structural lightweight aggregate concrete using palm-oil clinker and expanded perlite aggregates

       A. I. M. Alsarayreh, M. L. B. Othman, R. B. Abdullah, A. B. Sulaiman, S. Poi-Ngian, H. Mansour

     3741 - 3756  

Integrated car telemetry system based on internet of things: Application and challenges  

     F. Fahmi, E. Sutanto, M. Yazid, M. Aziz

     3757 - 3771  

Inter-domain handover scheme with optimal route recovery for proxy mobile IPv6 protocol

      T. A. Abdulhussein, A. J. Jabir

     3772 – 3788

Electronic rubric: Evaluation tool in the assessment process in vocational education

     A. Ana, C. Yulia, M. Muktiarni

     3789 - 3802

Blast loading response of a special concrete slab reinforced with embedded CNC steel plate

     A. M. Al-Habbobi, S. J. Al-Wazni

     3803 – 3819

Compact test and diagnosis pattern generation for multiple fault pairs in single run

      N. Mohan, J. P. Anita

     3820 – 3835

Effects of different truck loads on behaviour of bridges-a comparative analysis

      S. Suparp, P. Joyklad

     3836 - 3858

Design, development, and evaluation of a mobile learning application for tourism education

      R. Arrasyid, M. Ruhimat, C. U. Abdullah, A. Suwandi, Darsiharjo, H. Raka

     3859 - 3875

Production of biodiesel from pork lard waste and characterization of its properties

      R. J. Robert, C. R. Girish

     3876 - 3890

The effect of ND-YAG laser surface treatment on mechanical properties of carburizing steel AISI 1006

      A. A. Aziz, E. A. Khalid, A. S. Alwan, A. A. Jaddoa

     3891 - 3902  

A new energy management system of on-grid / off-grid using adaptive neuro - fuzzy inference system

      B. N. Alhasnawi, B. H. Jasim

     3903 - 3919

Location determination with assignment method in design seaweed supply chain

      A. H. Nu’man, L. Nurwandi, Y. Orgianus, A. G. Abdullah

     3920 - 3934

Air velocity and pressure drop exploration inside pipe frame of air purifier bicycle using numerical analysis

      B. Iskandriawan, Jatmiko, A. Safaat, J. A. Nugraha

     3935 - 3954

FPGA based reprogrammable main circuit board and auxiliary circuit board design

       M. F. Ilaslan, T. C. Akinci

     3955 - 3970

Comprehensive multisite efficiency equation for semiconductor test equipment

     K. V. Ching, R. Dolah, H. @ N. Haron, F. Ramlie, M. Z. Hassan

     3971 - 3982  

Analysis of the selection of shoe raw material suppliers by fuzzy TOPSIS method

     H. Aulawi, R. A. Riansyah, R. Kurniawati

     3983 - 3990  

Using of nanotechnology concept to enhance the performance of solar stills - Recent advances and overview

      A. K. Hussein, L. Kolsi, O. Younis, D. Li, H. M. Ali, M. Afrand

     3991 - 4031  

Cheating activity detection on secure online mobile exam

      A. Setyanto, B. Setiaji, M. Hayaty, Krisnawati

     4032 - 4047  

An efficient threshold round-robin scheme for CPU scheduling (ETRR)

      K. I. Arif, M. Morad, M. A. Mohammed, M. A. Subhi

     4048 - 4060  

A hybrid method of ANN-BP and lambda iteration for anomalous short-term economic dispatch of hydrothermal power systems

    A. G. Abdullah, K. R. Haniya, D. L. Hakim, T. Simanjuntak

     4061 - 4074

Experimental study for optimum fin spacing of rectangular fin arrangements under the influences of free convection

     A. J. J. Al-Jassani

     4075 - 4090  

The properties of chitosan nanoemulsion/poly (vinyl alcohol) nanocomposite membranes for wound care treatment

     H. Sosiati, W. Firmansyah, A. W. Nugroho, Sudarisman, I. Ranti, S. Hata

     4091 - 4106  

A novel method for multi-dimensional cluster to identify the malicious users on online social networks

     N. Keerthana, V. Vinod, S. Sengan

     4107 - 4122  

Curriculum innovation at a vocational high school: A digital library for batik learning

     I. Widiaty, D. Wahyudin, A. G. Abdullah, C. Riyana

     4123 - 4133  

Finite element analysis of reinforced concrete wide beams using internal steel plates as shear reinforcement

     I. M. A. Ameer, A. H. Naji, A. M. Ibrahim

     4134 – 4156

Bandwidth and gain enhancement of 2x2 microstrip patch antenna array using metamaterial at 2.4 GHz

     T. Hariyadi, F. Aliyuddin, Y. Wahyu

     4157 - 4170

Intention to use mobile commerce in Indonesia with technology acceptance model approach

     P. D. Dirgantari, Y. M. Hidayat, A. Machmud, D. M. R. Fachrulamry

     4171 - 4181

The effect of recycled waste medicine materials on the properties of cement mortar coatis

      A. A. Abdul Hamead

     4182 - 4199

The mechanical performance of folded ferrocement element at different aging periods and hot climates

      M. M. Jomaa’h, S. R. Ahmed, M. B. Abdulrahman, F. Adhoe, Z. Sami

     4200 – 4213

The potential of moringa oleifera on mitochondrial biogenesis through increases total oxphos units expression

     H. R. D. Ray, R. Patriasih, A. Sulastri4, R. Lesmana

     4214 – 4222

Establishment of discharge-suspended sediment load rating curve in Tigris river downstream of Al-Amarah barrage, south of Iraq

     A. J. Ismaeel, S. A. Abbas, W. S. Al-Rekabi

     4223 – 4233

A new trend for studying the effects of rubber resistivity on the corrosion rate of steel cords in rubber/steel composites

     M. H. Al-Hatemmi

     4234 – 4246

Effectuation of illegal discharge of domestic wastewater upon storm water network performance

     M. S. Shamkhi, N. N. Abd

     4247 – 4258

Sequence analysis, multiple templates structure prediction and binding site identification of bromelain from ananas comosus

     F. M. Tap, N. B. A. Khairudin, F. A. Abd Majid, N. S. Abd Rahman, Z. Omar

     4259 – 4272

Soil bedding optimization for protection chilled pipelines from the frost-susceptible soil

     E. V. Markov, S. A. Pulnikov, Y. S. Sysoev, D. V. Rachkov

     4273 – 4287

Survey and discharge measurements of the Iraqi border crossing rivers

     H. A. Al Thamiry, R. Z. Azzubaidi

     4288 – 4302

The influence of  chemical composition of asphalt cement on the physical and rheological properties

     Z. Aljaafari , M. Q. Ismael

     4303 – 4319

Lateral response of cement clay interlocking brick masonry walls subjected to earthquake loads

     P. Joyklad, Q. Hussain

     4320 – 4338

Quantitative and qualitative assessment of groundwater: the case of Khanaqin alluvial (Iraq)

     B. Sh. Abed , M. R. Hussain

     4339 – 4355

Green synthesized Fe2O3 nanoparticles and immobilization onto biogenic silica as photocatalyst for photo-decolorization of bromophenol blue

     H. Mekarsari, A. Taftazani, A. Kamari, I. Fatimah

     4356 – 4366

Experimental evaluation of bond strength performance between normal concrete substrate and different overlay materials

     M. M. Al-Rubaye, R. F. Yousef, H. H. Muteb

     4367 – 4382

Evaluation of environmental and health risks related with the management of medical waste in al Najaf city

     H. A. A. Khan, A. S. Alshukri

     4383 – 4391







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