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Volume 14, Issue 5, October 2019

Page 2464 - 3072


Simplification of wastes for a warehouse using Boolean logic: A conceptual paper

   M. S. Sarifudin, M. A. Mansor

   2464 - 2474


Web-based digital learning application of iconic batik in batik learning at vocational high school

   I. Widiaty, L. S. Riza, Ana, A. G. Abdullah, M. Abdullah, S. R. Mubaroq

   2475 - 2484


Adaptive testing model approach based on Birnbaum model and Markov model

   H. P. Dang, V. H. Mai

   2485 - 2498


An android-based E-observation application on lesson study learning in vocational high schools

   I. Kuntadi, I. Widiaty, C. Yulia, S. R. Mubaroq

   2499 - 2508


Effects of eggshell powder as partial replacement of cement on flexural behavior of one-way concrete slabs

  S. M. Hama, D. N. Hamdullah, H. M. Ashour

   2509 - 2521


Automatic detection of background diabetic retinopathy disease using hybrid multilevel thresholding and convolutional neural network

   Erwin, N. Rachmatullah, W. Saputri

   2522 - 2539


Educational digital media for traditional food of Kampung Adat cireundeu: An ethnopedagogy perspective

   E. E. Nikmawati, I. Widiaty, Y. Achdiani, R. Hurriyati, S. R. Mubaroq

   2540 - 2551


The effect of channel width on biometric flow field towards performance of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell

   A. Fahruddin, D. Ichsani, F. Taufany, B. U. K. Widodo

   2552 - 2564


Developing educational videos on Kampung Adat cireunde based on ethno-technopegagogy approach

   Y. Achdiani, I. Widiaty, Suciati, E. E. Nikmawati, F. Rahmafitria

   2565 - 2575


Natural red colorant via solid-state fermentation of oil palm frond by Monascus Purpureus FTC 5356: effect of operating factors

   F. M. Said, N. F. Hamid

   2576 - 2589


Designing Edu_Makugiz Digipedia as a nutrition educational medium for teenagers

   C. Yulia, I. Widiaty, E. E. Nikmawati, Hasbullah, S. R. Mubaroq

   2590 - 2600


Ranking of line contingency for voltage stability assessment

   T. G. Tella, S. S. Sitati, G. N. Nyakoe

   2601 - 2620


E-business in the android application based on e-parking booking system

   D. S. Soegoto, F. Suprianti

   2621 - 2628


Effect of pre-soaked light expanded clay aggregate on strength, durability and flexural behaviour of high-performance concrete

   P. Pradeep, Beenamol, H. S. Nair

   2629 - 2642


The development of interactive case-based smart thinking and industrial problem-solving stimulator to enhance TVET students’ thinking skills

   N. Azid, R. Rawian, S. Shaik-Abdullah, T. T. Kiong

   2643 - 2656


Influence of k4 and offshore wind velocity factors on 40 m open lattice telecommunication tower

   K. V. G. D. Balaji, C. Rathikindi, B. Ramesh, B. S. Kumar

   2657 - 2669


Experimental investigation of the neat rubber seed oil as a hydraulic fluid using four-ball tribotester

   M. H. Jabal, E. O. Hassoun, A. R. Abdulmunem, F. N. Ani

  2670 - 2680


Alternative design of moulding tool for a sugarcane block enterprise in West Sumatra Indonesia

   H. R. Zadry, F. Ilham, D. Rahmayanti, D. Meilani, D. A. Saputra

   2681 - 2702


Threshold based algorithms for the multi-product multi-period inventory routing problem

   F. Ramadhan, A. Imran, A. F. Rizana

   2703 - 2715


Simulation of the straight jet movement from polymer injection with drum collector for manufacturing optical fibers

   E. Sutanto, K. Wandono, D. I. Rudyardjo, M. Aziz

   2716 - 2730


Electromagnetic signature study of a closed loop speed controlled three-phase induction motor under broken rotor bar fault using finite element method

   N. P. Kumar, T. B. Isha

   2731 - 2745


Influence of granite-gravel combination on the strength of self-compacting concrete: Towards a sustainable construction material

   G. O. Bamigboye, A. A. Adedeji, D. O. Olukanni, A. James, Omoleye, K. J. Jolayemi

   2746 - 2760


Evaluation of asphalt mixtures performance produced via drum and batch mixing plants

   S. R. Omranian, M. O. Hamzah, M. R. M. Hasan, N. H. Abdullah

   2761 - 2778


Comparative analysis between the mechanical behaviour of gradient and uniform lattice structures using finite element analysis

   A. Seharing, A. H. Azman, S. Abdullah

   2779 - 2791


Characterization of oil palm empty fruit bunch (EFB) biochar activated with potassium hydroxide under different pyrolysis temperature

   M. H. A. B. M. Bakhtiar, N. B. A. Sari, A. B. Yaacob, M. F. B. M. Yunus, K. B. Ismail

   2792 - 2807


A strategically accurate and optimised FPGA architecture for performance gain in turbo decoders in deep space network

   L. L. Lim, D. W. G. Lim, N. G. Khan, S. Y. Lim

   2808 - 2823


Predicting the effect of operating parameters on the radial tire treadwear using response surface method

   C. S. S. Kowshik, N. Naik, R. Bhat, N. P. Silvam

   2824 - 2835


Numerical study of the internal wave behaviour in the vertical ocean slice model

   S. Rizal, T. Iskandar, Muhammad, Y. Haditiar, Y. Ilhamsyah, I. Setiawan, H. Sofyan

   2836 - 2846


Context-aware based restaurant recommender system: A prescriptive analytics

   K. A. Achmad, L. E. Nugroho, A. Djunaedi, Widyawan

   2847 – 2864


Analysis of phishing susceptibility in a workplace: A big-five personality perspectives

   S. Anawar, D. L. Kunasegaran, M. Z. Mas’ud, N. A. Zakaria

   2865 – 2882


Qualities that the activities of the elicitation process must meet to obtain a good requirement

   L. R. Wong, D. S. Mauricio

   2883 - 2912


Calculation of freezing radius around vertical two-phase thermosyphon in subarctic climate

   E. V. Markov, S. A. Pulnikov, Y. S. Sysoev

   2913 - 2927


Effect of residual stresses on the Ti-6Al-4V cruciform shape welded joints by XRD technique and influence of hardness - An experiment approach

   S. Vempati, K. V. Subbaiah, K. B. Raju

   2928 - 2946


Removal of crystal violet and methylene blue from synthetic industrial wastewater using fennel seed as an adsorbent

   T. K. Hussein, N. A. Jasim

   2947 - 2963


Validation of residual stress distributions in multipass dissimilar joints for GTAW process

   H. Vemanaboina, G. Edison, S. Akella

   2964 - 2978


Slot loaded capacitive fed suspended RMSA with meandered ground plane

   N. M. Ammanagi, R. M. Yadahalli

   2979 - 2990


Independent control of two induction motors fed by the nine-switch inverter for use in EV applications

   D. Abdelghani, A. Boumediene

   2991 - 3006


Comparison on climatic variables of rural, suburban and urban areas in relation to urban heat island (UHI) phenomenon

   S. H. Ibrahim, N. I. Ahmat@Ibrahim, W. Julaihi, D. R. A. Koesmeri, A. A. Zaini

   3007 - 3027


Modelling and performance evaluation of anti-lock braking system

 V.  D. Gowda, A. C. Ramachandra, M. N. Thippeswamy, C. Pandurangappa, P. R. Naidu

   3028 - 3045


Heat and mass transfer of Casson nanofluid flow over a stretching sheet in the presence of magnetic field with Brownian and thermophoretic effects

   G. Mahanta, M. Das, S. Shaw, K. L. Mahanta

     3046 – 3061


Hybrid routing with latency optimization in SDN networks

   G. A. S. Keupondjo, N. G. Anoh, J. C. Adepo, S. Oumtanaga

     3062 – 3072








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