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Volume 14, Issue 1, February 2019

Page 0001 - 0530


Application of fixator-norator pair in analog circuit design for bandwidth

   R. Rohith Krishnan, S. Krishnakumar

     1 - 11


Physico-chemical characterisation of carbonised orchard residues and potential for in situ re-utilisation: a case study at Pulau Tekak Besar, Tasik Kenyir

   A. R. Mohammad Hariz, M. Muhamad Radzali, M. N. Noor Sarinah, S. Nur Alyani, K. Hasliana

     12 - 26


Effects of alkali treatment of bamboo fibre under various conditions on the tensile and flexural properties of bamboo fibre/polystyrene-modified unsaturated polyester composites

   S. Sugiman, P. D. Setyawan, B. Anshari

     27 - 47


Preliminary study on the effect of reduced graphene oxide, gold nanoparticles, and Nafion® concentration on redox peak current for electrochemical biosensing

   Nur Alya B. Ismail, F. A. Arris, A. Tumian, Wan W. A. Wan Salim

     48 - 58


A technique for measuring quantity of oil in a flowing water-oil mixture

  K. V. Santhosh

     59 - 72


Fuzzy based novel framework for user oriented software engineering

   G. S. Saini, S. K. Dubey, S. K. Bharti

     73 - 86


Optimal conductor selection in radial distribution systems using whale optimization algorithm

   S. M. Ismael, S. H. E. Abdel Aleem, A. Y. Abdelaziz

     87 - 107


Effectiveness of battery-ultracapacitor combination for energy system storage in plug-in hybrid electric recreational boat (PHERB)

   J. S. Norbakyah, A. R. Salisa

     108 - 121


Optimising protein and total dissolved solid to synthesize soy sauce from soybean residue using box-Behnken design

   M. R. Lubis

     122 - 137


The study of the effects of the ultraviolet radiation on tofu as a skin tissue mimicking material

   A. B. Wijatna, Sunarno, Y. F. Luckyarno, M. M. Waruwu, R. Wijaya

     138 - 148


Effects of ethoxylated polyamine addition on water-based drilling fluid

   M. D. K. M. Saparti, R. Rohani, Y. T. Chung, I. I. Yusoff, W. R. W. Sulaiman

     149 - 166


Marshall properties of porous asphalt with Gondorukem rubber addition

   E. E. Putri, M. Idral, J. Makinda, L. Gungat

     167 - 180


Effect of flocculation on lipid extraction from Chlorella Vulgaris UTEX 1803 using response surface methodology

   N. O. M. Lopez, M. A. O. Diaz, A. D. Gonzalez-Delgado, J. B. Garcia, A. F. B. Solano, R. Lavecchia, A. Zuorro

     181 - 192


A novel method to mitigate commutation failures in LCC-HVDC system connected to a weak AC network

   A. Amari, S. Hadjeri, M. Khatir, S. Kherfane

     193 - 206


Numerical approach for the traditional fishing vessel analysis of resistance by CFD

   A. Bahatmaka, D. –J. Kim

     207 - 217


Ultra-low voltage operable bulk-driven second generation current conveyor based filters with single-input and single-output

   A. Tonk, N. Afzal

     218 - 228


Expert system in engineering transportation: A review

   A. A. Mohammed, K. Ambak, A. M. Mosa, D. Syamsunur

    229 - 252


Order reduction of air core transformer using continued fraction

   D. K. Sambariya, A. K. Sharma, T. Gupta

   253 - 264


A compact design eight element multiple input multiple output millimeter-wave antenna

   S. Pramono, S. B. Basuki, Sidiq Syamsul H.

     265 - 278


Hybrid LTE-802.11ac network: QoS optimality evaluation of the VoIP codecs techniques

   M. Malekzadeh, A. A. Abdul Ghani

     279 - 290


Scrutinized system calls information using J48 and Jrip for malware behaviour detection

   M. A. Faizal, W. Yassin, M. S. Nur Hidayah

     291 - 304


Electrodynamic characteristics of wire dipole antennas based on fractal curves

   Z. Zh. Zhanabaev, B. A. Karibayev, A. K. Imanbayeva, T. A. Namazbayev, S. N. Akhtanov

     305 - 320


Toward standards harmonization in ASEAN economic community: A comparative study of national standardization bodies in Indonesia and Malaysia

   B. Purwanggono, A. Bakhtiar, H. Suliantoro, P. R. Setyowati

     321 - 337


Effects of ground coal bottom ash on the properties of concrete

   S. A. Mangi, M. H. Wan Ibrahim, N. Jamaluddin, M. F. Arshad, P. J. Ramadhansyah

     338 - 350


A modified multilevel inverter topology with maximum power point tracking for photovoltaic systems

   K. Cherifi, Y. Miloud, M. Mostefai

     351 - 369


Pre-charge free soft error hardened cam cell design for low power and high performance

   S. V. V. Satyanarayana, S. Sriadibhatla

     370 - 386


Combined laminar natural convection and surface radiation in top open cavities with right side opening

   R. S. Prasad, S. N. Singh, A. K. Gupta

     387 - 410


B2B e-commerce technology factors with mediating effect perceived usefulness in Jordanian manufacturing SMEs

   L. A. Hussein, A. S. Baharudin, K. Jayaraman, S. Kiumarsi

     411 - 429


Software evolution on Azureus bit torrent software: a study on growth and change analysis

   S. D. Adnan

     430 – 447


SIP aspects of IPv6 transitions: Current issues and future directions

   A. A. Khudher

     448 – 463


A very short-term load forecasting in time of peak loads using interval type-2 fuzzy inference system: A case study on Java Bali electrical system

   Jamaaluddin, I. Robandi, I. Anshory

     464 - 478


Data envelopment analysis: The efficiency study of food industry in Indonesia

   A. Machmud, E. Ahman, P. D. Dirgantari, I. Waspada, A. B. D. Nandiyanto

     479 - 488


Q factor simulation on voltage stabilizer with RLC circuits

   I. Hamidah, A. Solehudin, A. G. Abdullah, Sriyono, L. S. Riza, A. D. Shieddieque, M. R. Muttaqin

     489 - 497


Data to text for generating information of weather and air quality in the R programming language

   L. S. Riza, B. Putra, Y. Wihardi, B. Paramita

     498 – 508


Analysis of students’ self efficacy reviewed by geometric thinking levels and gender using Rasch model

   E. Sudihartinih, Wahyudin

     509 – 519


Investigation of sorption of Cu2+, Zn2+ and Cd2+ ions by a composite adsorbent obtained from bentonite-like clay and hydroxyapatite

   A. I. Vezentsev, D. M. Thuy, L. F. Peristaya, V. A. Peristyj, A. T. Alateya, P. T. Minh

     520 – 530









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