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Volume 13, Issue 7, July 2018

Page 1891 - 2270


Performance enhancement of a Darrius 3-bladed wind turbine using convergent-divergent ducting system

   Abdullateef A.  Jadallah, Sahar R. Farag, Jinan D. Hamdi

     1891 - 1904


Club head variability in chipping golf skills: the effectiveness of results to the hole

   A. Ma’mun, Cep U. Abdullah

     1905 - 1915


Prediction of concrete mix compressive strength using statistical learning models

   A. A. Shaqadan, M. Al-Rawashdeh

     1916 - 1925


The analysis of household energy consumption of public apartments in Indonesia: A case study of Rusunawa buildings in Bandung city

   E. Krisnanto, U. Surahman, J. Maknun, V. Afifah

     1926 - 1938


Continuous motion nominal characteristic trajectory following control for position control of an ac driven x-y ball screw mechanism

   S.-H. Chong, W.-K. Hee, N. Hasim

     1939 - 1958


The suitability of William’s creativity indicators with the creativity-based worksheet for the junior high school students on designing simple distillation tool

   W. Wahyu, A. Suryatna, Yuli S. Kamaludin

     1959 - 1966


Impact of number of attributes on the accuracy of human motion classification

   C. K. Chan, G. T. Chala

    1967 - 1978


Geographic information system of Batik Jawa Barat: Cultural and industrial mapping for supporting the development of curriculum in vocational high schools

   I. Widiaty, Lala S. Riza, L. Somantri, Ade G. Abdullah, Ana, Sugeng R. Mubaroq, Cep U. Abdullah

    1979 - 1991


New factors that affect the activities of the requirements elicitation process

   L. R. Wong, D. S. Mauricio

     1992 - 2015


A concept and implementation of instructional interactive multimedia for deaf students based on inquiry-based learning model

   Lala S. Riza, Dheana S. Firdaus, E. Junaeti, T. Hidayat, Ade G. Abdullah, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, Cep U. Abdullah

     2016 - 2035


Use of high volume fly ash on early age shrinkage in concrete for local hot and dry condition

   M. V. Raut, S. V. Deo

     2036 - 2046


Numerical study and remediation of ac interference corrosion on neighbouring pipelines

   F. Babaghayou, B. Zegnini, T. Seghier

     2047 - 2064


Enhancement of smartness and security in ATM by global system for mobile communication

   S. Ganeshkumaran, C. R. Balamurugan

     2065 - 2083


Design of block-backstepping controller to ball and arc system based on zero dynamic theory

   A. J. Humaidi, M. R. Hameed, A. H. Hameed

     2084- 2105


Dynamic analysis of tapered thin-walled masts

   Karim S. Numayr, Sultan T. Mesmar, Madhar A. Haddad

     2106 - 2124


EEG extraction for meditation

   Jen L. Tee, Wai Y. Leong

    2125 - 2135


Enhanced non-linear filtering scheme for edge detection

   Haider O. Lawend, Anuar M. Muad, A. Hussain

    2136 - 2152


Design of heat exchanger for exhaust heat recovery of a single cylinder compression ignition engine

   R. Rajesh, P. Senthilkumar, K. Mohanraj

   2153 - 2165


Performance evaluation of M-PDDRA algorithm under prioritized traffic

   Rekh N. Singh, R. Singh

     2166 - 2180


Predicting daylight illuminance in urban city using statistical regression techniques

   Mahesh B. Sonawane, Sumedh Y. Mhaske

     2181 - 2194


Development of a wearable pressure bandage system for scorpion sting

   E. Olaye, Abiodun M. Aibinu, Olayemi M. Olaniyi, Simon T. Apeh, Buhari U. Umar

     2195 - 2210


Effects of expandable graphite on flammability, thermal and mechanical performance of palm empty fruit bunch fibre reinforced composite

   V. Liew, Kim Y. Tshai, Ming M. Pang, Eng H. Yap, Leng C. Yong, Seong C. Koay

     2211 - 2223


A fractional model predictive control design for 2-D gantry crane system

   Abhaya P. Singh, H. Agrawal

     2224 - 2235


Control of a three levels AC/DC converter with virtual-flux direct power controlling method for grid-connected wind power system under grid’s fault

   A. Gafazi, A. Cheknane, I. Merzouk, B. Seddik

     2236 - 2245


Big data in smart cities: A systematic mapping review

   Sarfraz N. Brohi, M. Bamiah, Muhammad N. Brohi

     2246 - 2270


























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