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Volume 13, Issue 4, April 2018 

Page 838 – 1142


Treatment of wastewater from car wash by Fenton and photo-Fenton oxidative processes

   Rachel F. Magnago, D. Berselli, P. Medeiros

     838 - 850


Effect of fine content on soil dynamic properties

   J. X. Lim, M. L. Lee, Y. Tanaka

     851 - 861


Modelling and analysis of DC motor actuator for an electric gripper

   Nikhil Shewale S., Deivanathan R.

     862 - 874


Complexity reduced channel estimation in WIMAX environment for MIMO–OFDM system

   K. V. N. Kavitha, K. P. Bagadi

     875 - 892


Identification of second spectrum of a Timoshenko beam using differential transform method

   Shali S., J. Parol, Nagaraja S. R.

    893 - 908


Maximization of cooling effectiveness of turbine blade surfaces using different arrangement

of cooling holes and various blowing ratios

   M. Dey, P. Jindal, Apurba K. Roy, K. Kumar

     909 - 924


Patellidae shells waste as a biosorbent for the removal of Aldrin pesticide from aqueous solutions

   A. Bakka, Mohamed A. Taleb, N. Saffaj, A. Laknifli, R. Mamouni, A. Benlhachemi, B. Bakiz, Y. Diane

     925 - 942


Experimental study on wear of mixed ceramic tool and correlation analysis between surface roughness and cutting tool radial vibrations during hard turning of AISI 52100 steel

   Y. Abidi, L. Boulanouar, A. Amirat

     943 - 963


Optimising extraction of microalgal oil using accelerated solvent extraction by response surface methodology

   Farah B. Ahmad, Z. Zhang, William O. S. Doherty, Ian M. O’hara

    964 - 976


Effect of groundwater salinity level on soil using remote sensing and GIS techniques: Case study of southwest of Basra province

   Mushtak T. Jabbar, Ammar S. Dawood, Hayfaa J. Al-Tameemi

     977 - 989


Enhancing the esterification conversion using pervaporation

   E. ElZanati, H. Abdallah, E. Farg, Reem S. Ettouney, Mahmud A. El-Rifai

     990 - 1004


Weight loss effect and potentiodynamic polarization response of 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride ionic liquid in highly acidic medium

   H. Husin, Bernadine B. Solo, Izni M. Ibrahim, Ong H. Chyuan, A. Roslan

     1005 - 1015


Enhancing low voltage ride through capability in utility grid connected single phase solar photovoltaic system

   Rini Ann Jerin A., M. Thomas, Palanisamy K., Umashankar S.

     1016 – 1033


Reinforcement and hot workability of aluminium alloy 7075 particulate composites: A review

   Q. M. Azpen, B. T. H. T. Baharudin, S. Shamsuddin, F. Mustapha

     1034 - 1057


Engineering concepts in analysing lumbosacral load in post-operative scoliotic patients

     P. Mohankumar, W. Y. Leong, K. H. Cheah, L. C. Yong

     1058 - 1069


Numerical investigation of flow field in proton exchange membrane fuel cell at different channel geometries

   R. Hadjadj, W. Kaabar

    1070 - 1089


Thermal performance of an insulated and window area optimized house

   R. K. Pal

    1090 - 1110


A comparative analysis of spray combustion of kapok seed oil and jatropha oil as an alternative biofuel

   A. Wibowo, I. N. G. Wardana, S. Wahyudi, Denny W. Yanuriyawan

   1111 - 1121


Combined persulfate and clinoptilolite for the removal of COD and suspended solids from a real dye wastewater

   Fagbenro O. Kehinde, Hamidi A. Aziz

     1122 - 1133


Propagation of misclassified instances to handle nonstationary imbalanced data stream

   Meenakshi A. Thalor, S. T. Patil

     1134 - 1142

























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