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Volume 12, Issue 9, September 2017

Page 2297 – 2566


Fuzzy fusion of PCA, ICA and ILDA face algorithms for enhanced user authentication

   P. K. Jain, S. Shukla, S. S. Thakur

   2297 – 2314


Perspectives of Arabic machine translation

   H. M. Elsherif, T. R. Soomro

   2315 - 2332


Material dependence of temperature distribution in multi-layer multi-metal cookware

   M. Sedighi, H. Salarian, H. Taherian

   2333 - 2345


A soft switched interleaved high gain DC-DC converter

  Sheshidhar R. Addula, M. Prabhakar

   2346 - 2359


Voltage stability enhancement by IGSA-FA hybrid technique implementation for optimal location of TCSC

  S. Mahapatra, N. Malik, A. N. Jha, B. K. Panigrahi

   2360 - 2373


Grey relational analysis and its application on surface properties during EDM and powder mixed EDM

   S. Tripathy, D. K.Tripathy                                                                                                                 

   2374 - 2392


Phonocardiogram signal analysis for murmur diagnosing using Shannon energy envelop and sequenced DWT decomposition

   Mazin Z. Othman, Asmaa N. Khaleel

   2393 - 2402


Study of Flow performance of a globe valve and design optimisation

   S. K. Sreekala, S. Thirumalini

   2403 – 2409


Production monitoring system with predictive functionality

   T. Eiskop, A. Snatkin, K. Karjust

   2410 - 2425


An evaluation of timeline visualization and tree viewer in crime news

   Nazlena M. Ali, N. F. M. Mokhtar, M. Mohd

   2426 - 2437


Probabilistic Finite Element Analysis of a Heavy Duty Radiator under internal pressure loading

   Robin Roy P., V. Hariram, M. Subramanian

   2438 - 2452


A hybrid algorithm for solving frequency assignment problem in cellular network

   Tayseer S. Atia, Ahmed Y. Yousuf

   2453 - 2460


Analytical modeling of innovative sensor placement  strategy for corona-based wireless sensor networks

   Hassan H. Ekal, Jiwa B. Abdullah

   2461 - 2475


An intelligent approach of query process optimisation using cooperative semantic caching technique

   P. Mohankumar, B. Balusamy

   2476 - 2487


Estimation of the specific energy of tunnel boring machine using post-failure behaviour of rock mass. Case study: Karaj-Tehran water conveyance tunnel in Iran

   M. Mirahmadi, M. Tabeei, Mohsen S. Dehkordi

   2488 - 2503


Word sense disambiguation for Tamil language using part-of-speech and clustering technique

   P. Iswarya, V. Radha

   2504 - 2512


Knowledge representation of security design pattern landscape using formal concept analysis

   Poonam S. Ponde, Shailaja C. Shirwaikar, Vilas S. Kharat  

   2513 - 2527


Experimental study on the variation of degraded silicon solar cells parameters

   Davud M. Tobnaghi

   2528 - 2535


Hardware realization of canny edge detection algorithm for underwater image segmentation using field programmable gate arrays

   Alex Raj S. M., Claris Jose, Supriya M. H.

   2536 - 2550


Adaptive modified low latency queuing algorithm for real time traffic in WIMAX networks

   P. Rukmani, R. Ganesan

   2551 - 2566


























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