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Volume 12, Issue 6, June 2017

Page 1433 – 1722


Investigation of Earth tube system application in low income building in Kuching, Sarawak

   Muhammad S. Imran, A. Baharun, Siti H. Ibrahim, W. A. W. Zainal Abidin

     1433 - 1445


An AdaBoost optimized CCFIS based classification model for breast cancer detection

   C. Ravi, N. Khare

     1446 - 1459


Embedded controller building for ball and beam system using optimal control synthesis

   B. M. Hung, S. S. You, H. S. Kim, T. W. Lim

     1460 - 1474


Arabic text classification using new stemmer for feature selection and decision trees

   S. Bahassine, A. Madani, M. Kissi

     1475 – 1487


Machining performance assessment of hardened AISI 52100 steel using multilayer coated carbide insert

   A. Panda, Ashok K. Sahoo, Arun K. Rout

    1488 - 1505


Modeling of tubular electrochemical reactor for dye removal

   V. Vijayakumar, R. Saravanathamizhan, N. Balasubramanian

     1506 - 1513


Performance enhancement of a miniature Stirling cryocooler with a multi mesh regenerator design

   Kishor Kumar V. V., Biju T. Kuzhiveli

     1514 – 1524


Modeling of MTJ and its validation using nanoscale MRAM bitcell

   C. Roy, A. Bhattacharya, A. Islam

     1525 – 1540


Topological review and analysis of DC-DC boost converters

   V. Indra Gandhi, V. Subramaniyaswamy, Logesh R.

     1541 – 1567


Artificial neural network based ultrasonic sensor system for detection of adulteration in edible oil

   T. George, E. Rufus, Zachariah C. Alex

     1568 – 1579


A numerical study of water propagation and breaking using SPH method

   J. G. Coelho, T. F. Oliveira , A. C. P. Brasil Jr., P. Maruzewski

     1580 – 1600


A new predictive model for congestion control in wireless sensor networks

   Najme T. Panah, Re. Javidan, M. R. Kharazmi

     1601 – 1616


Wind tunnel evaluation for control transition from elevator to stabilator small UAV

   Z. Sahwee, Aina S. Mahmood, N. Abd. Rahman, K. S. M. Sahari

     1617 – 1626


Secure, robust and hybrid watermarking for speech signal using discrete wavelet transform, discrete cosine transform and singular value decomposition

   Ambika D., Radha V.

     1627 – 1639


Numerical investigation of the coupled turbulent combustion-radiation in an axisymmetric non-premixed flame

   B. Zitouni, R. Mechi, H. Farhat, R. Said

     1640 – 1661


CFD simulation for demilitarization of RDX in a rotary kiln by thermal decomposition

   Si H. Lee, Woo Y. Jeong, Baggie W. Nyande, Jung S. Park, I. Moon, M. Oh

     1662 – 1676


Mathematical formulation of surface conductivity for graphene material

   Bala R., Marwaha A., Marwaha S.

     1677 – 1684


Investigation of adhesive wear behaviour of zirconia reinforced aluminium metal matrix composite

   N. Radhika, M. L Venkata Priyanka

     1685 – 1696


A grid-connected hybrid wind-solar power system

   M. Taleb

     1697 – 1708


In vitro antifungal activity of some Schiff bases derived from ortho-hydroxybenzaldehyde against fusarium

   Mohamed Y. Belghit, A. Moussi, D. Barkat

     1709 – 1722

























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