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Volume 12, Issue 5, May 2017

Page 1153 – 1432


Learning vector quantization for adapted Gaussian mixture models in automatic speaker identification

   I. Trabelsi, Med S. Bouhlel

     1153 - 1164


Effect of eco-degradant on properties of low density polyethylene/corn stalk eco-composites

   Koay S. Chun, Chan M. Yeng, S. Husseinsyah, Ming M. Pang, A. Ismail

     1165 - 1177


Applying teaching-learning to artificial bee colony for parameter optimization of software effort estimation model

   Thanh T. Khuat, My H. Le

     1178 - 1190


Deformation under quasi static loading in high density polyethylene filled with natural zeolite

   Purnomo, R. Soenoko, Y.S. Irawan, A. Suprapto

     1191 – 1203


Fatigue of glass-polyester composite immerged in water

   Djeghader D., Redjel B.

    1204 - 1215


Palestine automotive license identity recognition for intelligent parking system

   A. Abu Sneineh and Wael A. Salah

     1216 - 1226


Synthesis, characterisation, and fabrication hollow fibres of Zn-doped TiO for dye-sensitized solar cells

   Z. Arifin, S. Soeparman, D. Widhiyanuriyawan, A. Purwanto, Dharmanto

     1227 – 1239


A study about cell activity on anodized Ti-6Al-4V by means of pulsed current

   L. M. R. Vasconcellos, M. F. L. Villaca-Carvalho, R. F. Prado, E. L. S. L. Santos, N. N. Regone, M. C. Pereira,
   E. N. Codaro, H. A. Acciari

     1240 – 1252


Efficient scheduling of dynamic programming algorithms on multicore architectures

   T. Diwan, S. R. Sathe

     1253 – 1264


Spectral efficiency maximization in MISO-OFDM systems using rate adaptive bit loading and transmit antenna
selection techniques

   V. B. Kumaravelu, Ramachandra R. G, B. K. Nallagatla

     1265 – 1279


Awareness on energy management in residential buildings: A Case study in Kajang and Putrajaya

   M. S. Ahmed, A. Mohamed, R. Z. Homod, H. Shareef, K. Khalid

     1280 – 1294


Experimental investigation on tribological characteristics of silicon nitride reinforcement aluminium matrix composites

   D. Bhuvanesh, N. Radhika

     1295 – 1306


Measurement and numerical simulation of the cutting temperature in cutting tool during turning operation

   A. Mourad, B. Mourad, B. Abderrahim

     1307 – 1317


Design optimization and experimental study on the blower for fluffs collection system

   C. N. Jayapragasan, K. J. Reddy

     1318 – 1336


Comparison of numerical and experimental results for overtopping discharge of the OBREC wave energy converter

   A. Y. Maliki, M. A. Musa, Ahmad M. F., Zamri I., Omar Y.

     1337 – 1353


New approach for 3D object recognition using non uniform Fourier and moments coefficients

   K. Aznag, N. Kane, A. El Oirrak, E. El Bachari

     1354 – 1365


MVDR algorithm based linear antenna array performance assessment for adaptive beamforming application

   Suhail N. Shahab, Ayib R. Zainun, Hussien A. Ali, M. Hojabri, Nurul H. Noordin

     1366 – 1385


Synthesis of functionally graded aluminium composite and investigation on its abrasion wear behaviour

   N. Radhika, R. Raghu

     1386 – 1398


The effect of fumigation treatment towards Agave Cantala Roxb fibre strength and morphology

   M. B. Palungan, R. Soenoko, Y. S. Irawan, A. Purnowidodo

     1399 – 1414


The planning and execution of a grand challenge scholars programme: A case study of Taylor’s university’s
school of engineering

   Satesh N. Namasivayam, Mohammad H. Fouladi, S. Ramakrishna, M. Al-Atabi1, Melanie Y. Ze SiIn

     1415 – 1432

























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