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Volume 12, Issue 12, December 2017

Page 3120 –3425


Wear performance optimization of silicon nitride using genetic and simulated annealing algorithm

   S. Ghalme, A. Mankar, Y. J. Bhalerao

   3120 - 3135


Geotechnical properties of sandy soil contaminated with industrial wastewater

   Mahdi O. Karkush, Dergham A. Resol

   3136 - 3147


Operation and control of cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverter with proposed switching angle arrangement techniques

   Usman B. Tayab, Md. A. Al Humayun

   3148 - 3157


Optimization of produced water treatment process - A case study for disposal in the Niger Delta

  Boniface A. Oriji, Vitalis A. Chijioke

   3158 - 3172


Fabrication and utilization of zinc oxide nanofibres for semiconductors of photovoltaic- and piezoelectric-based hybrid generators

  Suyitno, Atmanto H. Wibowo, M. Yusuf, D. Mujahidin, D. Danardono

   3173 - 3187


Effects of inorganic salt solution on some properties of compacted clay liners

   Khalid R. M. Al-Janabi, Basim M. Abdullah                                                                                     

   3188 - 3202


Performance analysis of power gating techniques in 4-bit SISO shift register circuits

   K. Nehru, C. Deepthi , S. Sushma, S. Saravanan

   3203 - 3214


Developing and validating a real time video based traffic counting and classification

   Ali E. Jehad, Riza A. O. K. Rahmat

   3215 – 3225


Identifying document-level text plagiarism: A two-phase approach

   K. Vani, D. Gupta

   3226 - 3250


Use of waisted triangular-shaped baffles to enhance heat transfer in a constant temperature-surfaced rectangular channel

   Y. Menni, A. Azzi, C. Zidani

   3251 - 3273


Damage identification in a multilevel structure using empirical mode decomposition

   D. Mallikarjuna Reddy, I. R. Praveen Krishna

   3274 - 3285


Conceptual model of delay factors affecting road construction projects in Libya

   Aboubaker.Y. Y. Alfakhri, A. Ismail, Muhamad A. Khoiry, I. Arhad, Hamza I. M. Irtema

   3286 - 3298


A novel method to optimize the power utilization of single fluid heat transfer system

   P. Satyamurthy, Raghuram A.

   3299 - 3314


Comparative analysis of AODV and DSDV using machine learning approach in MANET

   Ayushree, Sandeep K. Arora

   3315 - 3328


Economic comparative evaluation of combination of activated carbon generation and spent activated carbon regeneration plants

   T. Santadkha, W. Skolpap

   3329 - 3343


Design and simulation of a high performance CMOS voltage doublers using charge reuse technique

   Shamil H. Hussein

   3344 - 3357


Application of curve fitting techniques using soft computing techniques (GA, GSA, POS AND NR) in multilevel inverters for harmonic minimization

   V. Singh, S. Pattnaik, S. Gupta

   3358 - 3375


Simultaneous space vector modulation direct torque control of two induction motors used in electric vehicles by a nine-switch inverter

   A. R. Shamlou, M. R. Feyzi, S.Tohidi, M. Valizadeh

   3376 - 3397


Vibration control of rectangular cross-ply FRP plates using PZT materials

   Dileep Kumar K., V. V. Subba Rao

   3398 - 3411


A comparative study of biodiesel  production from screw pine fruit seed: using ultrasound and microwave assistance in in-situ transesterification

   Mahlinda, Supardan M.D., Husin H., Riza M., Muslim A.

   3412 - 3425

























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