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Volume 12, Issue 11, November 2017

Page 2839 – 3119


Finite element analysis of tapered composite plate girder with a non-linear varying web depth

   Q. A. Hasan, W. H. Wan Badaruzzaman, Ahmed W. Al-Zand, Azrul A. Mutalib

   2839 – 2854


Application of Taguchi techniques to study dry sliding wear behaviour of magnesium matrix composites reinforced with alumina nanoparticles

   Tarasasanka C., Ravindra K.

   2855 - 2865


Influence of process parameters on three body abrasive wear behaviour of functionally graded aluminium alloy reinforced with alumina

   N. Radhika, M. Praveen, S. Mukherjee

   2866 - 2879


Geostatistical based susceptibility mapping of soil erosion and optimization of its causative factors: A conceptual framework

  Abdulkadir T. Sholagberu, Muhammad R. Mustafa, Khamaruzaman W. Yusof, Ahmad M. Hashim

   2880 - 2895


Dam breach parameters and their Influence on flood hydrographs for Mosul dam

  Talal A. Basheer, A. Wayayok, B. Yusuf, Md R. Kamal

   2896 - 2908


Prototype web-based expert system for flexible pavement maintenance

   A. Milad, N.  E. A. Basri, H. M. Abdelsalam, Riza A. A. B. O. K. Rahmat                                         

   2909 - 2921


Prediction of leakage flow and rotordynamic characteristics for an eccentric labyrinth gas seal

   M. Kamouni

   2922 - 2938


Lipopolysaccharide induces the production of diagnostic monoclonal antibody by hybridoma cells against congenital adrenal hyperplasia

   Gek K. Chua, Nur A. M. Ariff

   2939 – 2951


Fault diagnosis in rotating machine using full spectrum of vibration and fuzzy logic

   Roger R. Da Silva, Ednelson Da S. Costa, Roberto C. L. De Oliveira, Alexandre L. A. Mesquita

   2952 - 2964


Alive-in-range medium access control protocol to minimize delay in underwater wireless sensor network communication at a frequency of 2.4 GHz

   V. Raina, Manish K. Jha, Partha P. Bhattacha

   2965 - 2989


The efficiency of bond graph approach for a flexible wind turbine modeling

   Y. Lakhal, F. Z. Baghli, L. El Bakkali

   2990 - 3010


Boundary layer and amplified grid effects on aerodynamic performances of S809 airfoil for horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT)

   Y. El khchine, M. Sriti

   3011 - 3022


Effect of oxygen enrichment on combustion characteristics of a diesel engine

   P. Baskar, A. Senthil Kumar

   3023 - 3033


Wireless home automation system based on microcontroller

   Muna H. Saleh, Qusay Sh. Hamad

   3034 - 3043


Application of multiple logistic regression, Bayesian logistic and classification tree to identify the significant factors influencing crash severity

   M. Tazik, I. Aghayan, M. Sadeghi

   3044 - 3056


Mixed path for elephant flow and mice flow for delay reduction in SDN

   K. Sambyo, Anish K. Saha, C.T. Bhunia

   3057 - 3067


Simulation and analysis of greedy routing protocol in view of energy consumption and network lifetime in three dimensional underwater wireless sensor network

   S. Kohli, Partha P. Bhattacharya

   3068 - 3081


Implementation of active wireless sensor network monitoring using zigbee protocol

   Mahmood F. Mosleh, Duaa S. Talib

   3082 - 3091


Implementation of dioxane and diesel fuel blends to reduce emission and to improve performance of the compression ignition engine

   Sendilvelan S., Sundar Raj C.

   3092 - 3101


A design framework for human emotion recognition using electrocardiogram and skin conductance response signals

   Khairun N. Minhad, Sawal H. Md Ali, Mamun B.I. Reaz

   3102 - 3119


























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