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Volume 11, Issue 8, August 2016

Page 1056 – 1220


Purification of crude glycerol from industrial waste: Experimental and simulation studies

     W. N. R. W. Isahak, J. M. Jahim, M.  Ismail, N. F. Nasir, M. M. Ba-Abbad, M. A. Yarmo

     1056 - 1072


Measuring car drivers's willingness to pay for improved intercity transportation service: A case study in Libya

     M. A. A. Miskeen, M. N. Borhan, A. M. Alhodairi, A. Ismail, R. A. Rahmat

     1073 - 1085


Phytoremediation of naproxen in waste water using Vetiver zizaniodes

   N. Marsidi, C. K. Nye, S. R. S. Abdullah, H. A. Hassan, M. I. E. Halmi

     1086 - 1097


A review of sewage treatment and polishing using moving bed bioreactor (MBBR)

     J. A. Kawan, H. Abu Hasan, F. Suja', O. Jaafar, R. Abd-Rahman

     1098 - 1120


Effect of teflon and nafion loading at anode in direct formic acid fuel cell (DFAFC)

   M. S. Masdar, N. A. Puaad, N. M. Aslam, S. K. Kamarudin

    1121 - 1134


Design of fill and finish facility for active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)

     N. L.  Khairuddin, N. A. Abd-Rahman, N. S. Kamarudin

     1135 - 1154


Performance properties of ASA polymer modified asphalt binders and mixtures 

    S. I. Albrka, A. Ismail, N. I. Md. Yusoff, D. I. Alhamali, A. Musbah

    1155 - 1164


Utilizing waste plastic polypropylene and polyethylene terephthalate as alternative aggregates to produce lightweight concrete: A review

   I. H. Alfahdawi, S. A. Osman, R. Hamid , A. Al-Hadithi

   1165 - 1173


Development of A Methane-free, Continuous Biohydrogen Production System from palm oil mill effluent (POME) in CSTR

      M. F. Mansor, J. Md. Jahim, T. Mumtaz, R. Abd. Rahman, S. Abd. Mutalib

     1174 - 1182


Pressure driven conducting polymer membranes derived from layer by layer formation and its characterization: A review

     I.  I. Yusoff, R. Rohani, A. W. Mohammad

     1183 - 1206


Effect of recycle tire isolator as earthquake resistance system for low rise buildings in Malaysia

     S. W. Jie, S. Y. Tong, A. Kasa, S. A. Osman

     1207 - 1220    A. Mojtahedi

     296 - 310


























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