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Volume 11, Issue 6, June 2016

Page 768 – 915


Effect of end anchorage length and stirrup ratio on bond and shear capacity of concrete beams with nonmetallic reinforcement

     R. Thamrin

     768 - 787


Effect of power supply and duty control in crankcase flow (Pc pressure port) of ECV

    Md. I. Mahmud, H. M. Cho

     788 - 795


Corporate feed with dual segment circular polarized array rectenna for low power RF energy harvesting

   C. C. Kang, Md. F.  Ain, A. M. Jaafar, A. Marzuki

     796 - 805


Converting retrieved spoken documents into text using an auto associative neural network

   J. Sangeetha, S. Jothilakshmi

     806 - 825


Effect of kernel function in support vector machine for the fault diagnosis of pump

   N. R. Sakthivel, S. Saravanamurugan, B. B. Nair, M. Elangovan, V. Sugumaran

    826 - 838


Ionic conductivity and electrical properties of carboxymethyl cellulose - NH4Cl solid polymer electrolytes

   N. H. Ahmad, M. I. N. Isa

     839 - 847


A new experimental study of magnetic field configuration in the vicinity of the medium-voltage electric lines 

    S. Ghnimi, A. Gharsallah

    848 - 860


Extraction of copper from leach liquor of metallic component in discarded cell phone by CYANEX®272

   A. A. Baba, D. G. Sosanya, F. A. Adekola, A. G. F. Alabi, A. S. Aaremu, S. E. Adeboye

   861 - 871


Effect of working fluid and filling ratio on performance of a closed loop pulsating heat pipe

    Babu E. R. and G. V. G. Reddy

     872 - 880


Modeling and simulation of a hydrocracking unit

     H. A. Farag, N. S. Yousef, R. Farouq

     881 - 898

     296 - 31

Durability of green concrete with ternary cementitious system containing recycled aggregate concrete and tire rubber wastes

     M. M. Assas

     899 - 915



























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