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Volume 11, Issue 12, December 2016

Page 1660 – 1834


Effects of re-routing of concentrate streams in the industrial scale froth flotation of lower group 6 PGM ore

     Emmanuel M. Shai, Abraham A. Adeleke, A. P. Idowu Popoola

     1660 - 1668


Nonlinear finite element analysis of steel fibre-reinforced concrete beam under static loading

      P. O. Awoyera

     1669 - 1677


Performance comparison of advanced  encryption standard-128 algorithms for WIMAX application with improved power-throughput

     R. Ahmad, W. Ismail

     1678 - 1694


Application of ultraviolet radiation to control microbiologically influenced corrosion: a case study on soil sample from mangrove

     M. K. F. B. M. Ali, Norhazilan M. Noor, N. Yahaya, A. Abu Bakar, A. Abdullah, M. A. Masuri, M. Ismail

     1695 - 1704


Design of an arrayed waveguide gratings based optical packet switch

     V. Shukla, A. Jain, R. Srivastava

     1705 - 1721


Design and analysis of static random access memory by Schmitt trigger topology for low voltage applications

     Rukkumani V.,  Devarajan N.

     1722 - 1735


A study on harmonious colouring of snake derived architecture

    F. T. Selvi M. S., Amutha A.

    1736 - 1743


Session – packet inspector mobile agent to prevent encrypted cookies and HTTP post hijacking in MANET

   Arun V., Shunmuganathan K. L.

   1744 - 1757


Finite element modelling of a turbine blade to study the effect of multiple cracks using modal parameters

    R. P. B. Kocharla, R. K. Bandlam, M. Rao Kuchibotla

    1758 - 1770


Thermal performances of vertical ground heat exchangers in different conditions

     Jalaluddin, A. Miyara

     1771 - 1783


Design and implementation of fuzzy predictive controller for distillation column

     Sivakumar. R., S. Mathew, Suresh Manic K.

     1784 - 1792


Identifying and analysing the transient and permanent barriers for big data

     Sarfraz N. Brohi, Mervat A. Bamiah, Muhammad N. Brohi

     1793 - 1807


Efficient use of biomass in improved cookstoves

     R. K. Pal

     1808 – 1817


Engineering design: eicosane microcapsules synthesis and application in polyurethane foams aiming to diminish wheelchair cushion effect on skin temperature

     Elisa M. Beretta, Wagner S. Rossi, Wilson Kindlein Jr, L. Roldo, Tatiana l. Avila de Campos

     1818 – 1834


























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