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Articles in Press

Articles in Press are articles which are already accepted for publication through the peer review process. They are fully cited, but a specific issue/volume and page numbers have not yet been assigned.

How to cite an article in press? please see the example below:

Rajesh, R.; Mallick, P.S.; Thiruvengadam, S.J.; and Reshma, J. (in press). Mitigation of self-interference in bidirectional full-duplex MIMO link using multi antenna transceiver. Journal of Engineering Science & Technology.



·   The effect of thickness of pillar in the channel bend to changes the coefficient of superelevation


Ishak M. Galib

·   Simultaneous space vector modulation direct torque control of two induction motors used in electric vehicles by a nine-switch inverter


A. R. Shamlou, M. R. Feyzi, S. Tohidi, M. Valizadeh

·   Analytical modeling of innovative sensor placement  strategy for corona-based wireless sensor networks


Hassan H. Ekal, Jiwa B. Abdullah

·   Material dependence of temperature distribution in multi-layer multi-metal cookware


M. Sedighi, H. Salarian, H. Taherian

·   C-DAM: contention based distributed reservation protocol allocation algorithm for WIMEDIA medium access control


Umadevi K. S., Arunkumar T.

·   Design of a low-power and high throughput error detection and correction circuit using the 4t ex-or method


S. Kavitha, Fazida H. Hashim, Md M. Ibne Reaz, N. Kamal

·   Development of predictive control strategy using self-identification matrix technique (SMT)


Abdulrahman A. A. Emhemed, Rosbi B. Mamat, Ahmad A.M. Faudzi

·   Modeling of diesel- compressed natural gas bubbly flow under influencing of a magnetic field


Hasanain A. Abdulwahhab, A. Rashid A. Aziz, Hussain H. Al-Kayiem, Mohammad S. Nasif

·   Modeling of tubular  electrochemical reactor for dye removal


V. Vijayakumar, R. Saravanathamizhan, N. Balasubramanian

·   Effect of prestressed force and size of reinforcement on corrosion crack width in concrete member


A. Maryoto, T. Shimomura

·   Linear kernel support vector machines for modeling pore-water pressure responses


K. W. Yusof, N. M. Babangida,  M. R. Mustafa, M. H. Isa

·   Perspectives of Arabic machine translation


H. M. Elsherif, T. R. Soomro

·   A soft switched interleaved high gain DC-DC converter


Sheshidhar R. Addula, M. Prabhakar

·   Laser pointer detection based on intensity profile analysis for application in teleconsultation


N. Imtiaz, Mohd M. Mustafa, A. Hussain, E. Scavino

·   Study of the impact of thermal drift on reliability of pressure sensors


A. Beddiaf, F. Kerrour

·   Fault diagnosis in rotating machine using full spectrum of vibration and fuzzy logic


Roger R. Da Silva, Ednelson Da S. Costa, Roberto C. L. De Oliveira, Alexandre L. A. Mesquita

·   Lipopolysaccharide induces the production of diagnostic monoclonal antibody by hybridoma cells against congenital adrenal hyperplasia


Gek K.Chua, N. A. M. Ariff

·   A design framework for human emotion recognition using electrocardiogram and skin conductance response signals


Khairun N. Minhad, Sawal H. Md Ali, Mamun B.I. Reaz

·   Prototype web-based expert system for flexible pavement maintenance


A. Milad, N.  E. A. Basri, H. M. Abdelsalam, Riza A. A. B. O. K. Rahmat

·   Word sense disambiguation for Tamil language using part-of-speech and clustering technique


P. Iswarya, V. Radha

·   Application of Taguchi techniques to study dry sliding wear behaviour of magnesium matrix composites reinforced with alumina nano particles


Tarasasanka C., Ravindra K.

·   Numerical investigation of two element camber morphing airfoil in low Reynolds number flows


Rajesh S. Kumar. T., V. Sivakumar, B. Ramakrishnananda, Arjhun A. K., Suriyapandiyan

·   Methodology for the design of a lighter foam filled tube structure for improved crashworthiness parameters subjected to quasi static axial compression


Suman Bargav, R., Venkataswamy, K. S., Suresh, P. M.

·   Defected concrete post detection through antenna array coupling effect


Tamer G. Abouelnaga, Kamel S. Sultan

·   Modeling of diesel- compressed natural gas bubbly flow under influencing of a magnetic field


Hasanain A. Abdulwahhab, A. Rashid A. Aziz, Hussain H. Al-Kayiem, Mohammad S. Nasif

·   Finite element analysis of tapered composite plate girder with a non-linear varying web depth


Q. A. Hasan, W. H. Wan Badaruzzaman, Ahmed W. Al-Zand, Azrul A. Mutalib

·   Statistic model of dynamic delay and dropout on cellular data networked control system


Muhammad A. Murti, Harijono A. Tjokronegoro, E. Leksono, W. Agung

·   Consolidation Reliability analysis of stone column reinforced ground


K. S. Ng, Y. M. Chew, S. F. Ng

·   Production monitoring system with predictive functionality


T. Eiskop, A. Snatkin, K. Karjust

·   Experimental investigations on the effect of hydrogen induction on performance and emission behaviour of a single cylinder diesel engine fuelled with palm oil methyl ester and its blend with diesel


D. Boopathi, A. Sonthalia , S. Devanand

·   Investigation of indirect solar drying of ginger rhizomes (Zingiber Officinale): A comparative study


Sunil K. Sansaniwal, M. Kumar, Rajneesh, V. Kumar

·   The design, fabrication and preliminary testing of an indigenous single screw extruder


Folasayo T. Fayose, Agboola S. Ogunlowo, Leo A. Agbetoye

·   Quasi-static field analysis of permanent magnet generator using h-hierarchical adaptive finite element method


C. Vasudeva, S. Marwaha

·   Fuzzy fusion of PCA, ICA and ILDA face algorithms for enhanced user authentication


P. K. Jain, S. Shukla, S. S. Thakur

·   Influence of process parameters on three body abrasive wear behaviour of functionally graded aluminium alloy reinforced with alumina


N. Radhika, M. Praveen, S. Mukherjee

·   Geotechnical properties of sandy soil contaminated with industrial wastewater


Mahdi O. Karkush, Dergham A. Resol

·   Combined effect of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and fuel injection pressure on CRDI engine operating with jatropha curcas biodiesel blends


P. Bedar, Venkatesh T. Lamani, Archit S. Ayodhya, Kumar. G. N.





















































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